Saturday, May 16, 2009


Obama Cuts Federal Funding to Historically Black Colleges... Do the research and praise the first BLACK Pres... I bet if Bush did it everyone would be up in arms. Which proves the point that everyone is walking on egg shells around the BIG "O"
Oddly I am both disturbed but glad. Let us be honest HBC has fallen of the academic radar and someone needs to wake them up.
As I noted before Obama is not obligated by the color of his skin to represent Blacks in America because his experience is different. His ancestors did not come here on a boat in shackles. Do not use his wife as a way to validate his black card. I am sure there is a method to his madness.. I just want to what it is..


Has rubbed me raw because the title/label opens the doors to down play the Black Holocaust. Serodio, 45, has filed a lawsuit against a New Jersey medical school, claiming he was harassed and ultimately suspended for identifying himself during a class cultural exercise as a "white African-American."
He was born in Africa and he is white.. By default he can call himself African American which is insane in a sane way... When Black folk agreed to this label they put themselves in the same category as those that came through Ellis Island when in fact it was Ellis Island by way of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Were the tired and poor were picking cotton and subject to sexual perversion.
I am not sure what to call my self except maybe a displaced person of African Heritage or just plain Black.. Not sure. I do know that it is not a African American...