Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mixed Up

Today I have reached my boiling point. Tyra 30 pounds heavier. Who cares she is 5'10" my guess is that she is much healthier now at 160 instead of struggling to keep the twig look. Obama might have attended a Islamic militant school when he was 7... I am sure his school at that time was no worse than the school that produced our militant president. Child Molester got life and he is 65, I guess better late than never. Some horse was put to sleep and the media showed the owner in tears. Rich folks are strange. Leading restaurant association is mad at Kevin Federline over a commercial were he posed as a fast food worker... I guess they never saw Clerks2. I guess with all the bs in the media the populace has lost site of what the two men pictured above were trying to accomplish. Today our school systems resemble fallujah but no one seems to care. A caste system is in place rather a person would like to believe or not. How else do you explain Bush getting elected?
This world is spinning out of control due to the dye caste by the power elite. We need to take up the banner of social change and demand an explanation for the carnage that the unholy trinity dick, bush & condi have caused.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Fear is the
Displacement of knowledge
Or better yet
Lack of
When we fear we shy away
Coward in a corner
Of the mind
Causing atrophy to set
and our
Soul to wither
Fear is that shackle
That keeps our minds shackled
To a preconceived notion
Of eternal bliss
Fear is the truth which you run from
The chemical warfare in the
Hood is a sparked by fear
Ignorance is fear
They know the truth but fear so much
They choose to bury it in ignorance
The perpetual notion of
Fear and ignorance is an offshoot of
Tree of Life
The cream that settles in the middle
No one but ourselves are the true slave masters
Being afraid is one thing but
Submitting to fear is not an option

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Am Not for The MLK Holiday

Again we are bombarded by images of MLK and his various speeches. So call black leaders give their same ol' song and dance about how we came a long way but there is still some more roads that need to be paved. That is it besides Rosa Parks, noone else is mention.
I am not for the holiday because it takes away from the big picture and down plays those equally if not more important that contributed to the cause of freedom.
First complaint is the March on Washington, it is portrayed as if one man orchestrated it. The fact is that there were six Randolph, Roy Wilkins (NAACP), James Farmer (CORE), John Lewis (SNCC), Whitney Young, Jr. (Urban League), and King (SCLC). Bayard Rustin was the chief coordinator whom was silenced by the powers to be (Hoover and his cronies) because he was an openly gay man in a fiercely homophobic era.
Little is mention how orchestrated and sedated the march became, noone talks about John Lewis and how his speech was circulated which eventually was censored in order not to offend the Kennedys. He referred to the civil rights bill as "too little, too late" and also he was noted as saying "We will march through the South, through the Heart of Dixie, the way Sherman did. We will pursue our own 'scorched earth' policy and burn Jim Crow to the ground—nonviolently. We will fragment the South into a thousand pieces and put them back together in the image of democracy."
The truth is that El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz had the course of action correct the United States should have been bought before the United Nations on human rights violations. It is hard to give civil rights when the premise of being human is not recognize.
There are countless people that go unheard or mention at this time of the year(MLK and black history month). We should recognize those that fallen and possibly tripped that light bulb for the civil rights for example Emit Till a fourteen year old boy accused of whistling at white girl in 1955. White Supremacists in the Deep South beat him to death for whistling at a white girl(I refuse to refer to her as a woman) by the name of Carolyn Holloway Bryant. There was an open casket at the request of Emit's mother. The world saw exactly what the sick and twisted devils did to her son. Till’s body was seen exactly as his killers had left it. Emmett Till’s head was swollen to at least five times its normal size; his eyes were knocked out of his eye sockets and hung down his broken cheeks. Virtually all of his teeth had been knocked out. Emmett Till’s entire body, from head to toe had been brutalized almost beyond recognition. Emit Till’s murderers were acquitted by an all white jury. A constant injustice that is repeated many times over in The Deep South. Oh and the catalyst Carolyn Holloway Bryant is still alive and Emit's mother died with no justice served.
Medgar Wiley Evers is another person that comes to mind, he was instrumental at integrating Ole. Miss. Mr. Evers was gunned down by an assasins bullet.
Beckwith the assassin was convicted on February 5, 1994, after living as a free man for three decades after the murder. Beckwith appealed unsuccessfully, and died in prison in January of 2001. The sad thing is that our tax dollars went to a proverbial nursing home for this devil incarnate.
I admit that Martin Luther King was a great man but having a holiday does not solve the problems in the world today. From my experience with the federal employment system it is a day off and for the school system, they should not consider any days off until they raise teachers salaries and improve the United States school ranking among other industrialize nations.
People come with the same line we honor so we do not forget, I beg to differ the prison population is overflowing with young men of African decent because they choose to contribute to chemical warfare among there own. There should be a Black Martyrdom holiday instead. Schools do not get out they must adhere to a week of intense history of the sacrifices that were made by those before them. History is never written by the minority, it is assimilated the majority should be the slogan.
RIP El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Dr. King, Mr. Evers, lil brother Till, Addie Mae Collins (aged 15), Denise McNair (11), Carole Robertson (14), and Cynthia Wesley (14) and those countless others that gave their life in pursuit of freedom and equality.

Lewis, quoted in Darlene Clark Hine, eds. Eyes on the Prize: A Reader and Guide (New York: Penguin Books, 1987), p. 123.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today I have bombarded with images of Suzzane Summers crying about her home in Malibu. Also the media kept reinforcing a brand of heart tugging which I did not get. This is Malibu we're talking about, I can care less about some rich folks and the stuff burning. Again America has shown were its heart is. I have not heard anything about the debacle of Katrina or what the government will do to compensate. Summers and the rest of the Malibu residents so fucking what.
Why should I care, give me one reason why my eyes should water. Bunch of rich folks homes burned.... The only thing that would bring water to my eyes is if it were the masses of the Union were bringing heat two the White House.
Today the media feeds off ignorance, no one wants to air the truth. They (media) would rather pump you full of novacaine.
The tribe of Lazarus is alive and well it is the majority of the United States. The majority which jumps on any band wagon without reading between the lines has led this country down a slipper slope of chaos. Until those that have been in the dark been fully illuminated, people will continue to die without reason wars will go on without the true perpetrators brought to justice. Revolution is change rather violent or not but eventually blood will have to be shed in order for progress to continue. The writing is on the wall and people will soon have to evaluate what is valuable.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two Things of Importance

Ronald Regan, Christopher Reeve, Arthur Ashe are just a few that have suffered at the hands of fundamentalist that believe in a backward ideology towards science. The war on drugs should be conducted in a laboratory. The war should be waged against injuries, insurance companies,health care and ailments that create great suffering. The illegal drugs that we here about are not important unless we bring charges against this government for it’s involvement in the drug trade ie crack sounds familiar.
It perplexes me that this country once boasts cutting edge technology is now following the lead of warmongers and backward rulers of the dak ages. 300billion plus this country has spent on a false war and a bs homicide trial of a once comrade.
What will it take for this administration to own up and realize that injuries and illness such as spinal chord and Alzheimer is not a curse from god(I honestly believe they think this) I believe we should inflict various injuries and diseases upon these money hungry devils then, possibly we could get some results in the science community. Also we need to bring the insurance companies and health care on charges of crime against humanity. To many people have suffered at inaccessible health care. This country has strayed from the concept of for the people and by the people. Instead we have a caste system that allows idiots to take the helm and direct us straight to hell.
Again this administration has jerked of so much money that the citizens of this country are suffering. There are schools that have become war zones and people dying from things that should not be.
I hope that our next administration leads this country out of the dark ages. If they continue the same path then this country will crash and burn.

2nd item of importance
John Edwards has launched is presidential bid. I normally do not go with a possible presidential nominee from the two main parties. I find myself rooting for the guy. One thing I like is that he admits that he voted on the war and tries not to play the "Bush lied to me" scenario. Here are some other things as well:
He wanted to take incremental steps on health care then, but is working on a universal plan now. He's become even more populist in his rhetoric; at an event in Pittsburgh in August for the labor-backed group Wake Up Wal-Mart, he railed against the retailer for not offering its employees better wages or health insurance. While in 2004 he described the problems of poverty, now he has a massive, expensive agenda to get Americans out of poverty, which would include creating one million federally funded jobs at non-profits or government agencies, $500 saving accounts for low-income workers and making the first year of college free for students who agree to take part-time jobs.
I know that this could be smoke but after seeing him in his debate against Cheney, I honestly believe he was the better candidate in the entire race.
My opinion of Obama, my gut says he is a nice guy besides that and the fact he is biracial or black(whatever he considers himself) does not strike me as a good candidate at this point and I hope he does not side with the jackal(Hilary)... That would be a step away from signing your soul to the devil. Besides we had her for eight years and I believe that is enough. The other star is Rudolph W. Giuliani two words Amadou Diallo.