Sunday, May 27, 2007

God's Neurons

I transverse with Gods along the desalinate plain of complacency. Over time I have seen black folk abuse each other out ignorance and defend these actions by claiming the behavior is normal. In the image Gen 9:6 justifies the law of selection, my palms bleed.. Creating a river of fire and brimstone for I pierced the side of the martyr and drank my birthright. We are pieces on a terrestrial chess board eternally in check. Satori has reinvest my very fiber and as others move so do I. Never is it it normal when those strike out without reason and when one victimize their twin have heard people defend these actions by referring to them as being the norm. In my eyes nothing is normal when a person victimize someone of their tribe or any person for that matter. Crawl through Ron Brown's labyrinth to your freedom.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

RIP De-Twain

Evansville, IN a young child took his own life by hanging himself., he claim that he was being picked on. I just do not have the words to describe how I fell. It is twisted when a child so innocent has no say to their environmental outcome. The kid is ten and he hung himself that is crazy. I do not know the full story but regardless being that young... Damn and the current administration is spending a ton of money on some "bs". I bet if the kid had wealth there would be a public drive to stop the madness our kids face in the educational system. RIP

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Vanderbilt is doing AIDS vaccine research and according to the site the program is "looking for healthy, uninfected people, aged 18-50, of both sexes, including all ethnic and racial backgrounds and from all walks of life. Before a person enters a study, it is thoroughly explained and all their questions are answered. Participating in a study is completely voluntary." With a heavy emphasis on healthy, uninfected people and thoroughly explained. Why healthy and how are they going to vaccinate them without infecting them??
Bush administration rejected foreign aid for Katrina victims
other nations offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash only $40 million was used. Also The impoverished nation of Bangladesh, for example, offered $1 million in monetary aid and a disaster management team. The Bush administration accepted the money but turned down the disaster team. "The administration also rejected tents, sheets and pillows offered by Pakistan; flooding
and sanitation experts from Honduras; doctors, food, blankets and clothing from Peru; water purification equipment from Denmark; and electric generators from Israel. Other rejected aid included medical teams, body bags, bottled water and specially trained rescue dogs." I gotta stop, Condi....Damn!!! To further the damage "In Orleans Parish, twice as many African-Americans as whites said their lives were still "very" or "somewhat" disrupted. Seventy-two percent of blacks said they had problems getting health care, compared with 32 percent of whites. Blacks were more likely to say that their financial status, health and job security had worsened since the storm. And they expressed considerably more anxiety than whites about the sturdiness of the rebuilt levees, the danger from future Katrina's and the prospect of living without enough money or health care, or a decent home." Condi!!!!! DAMN!!!!


Researchers challenge Kennedy lone gunman theory
Bullet analysis used to justify the lone assassin theory behind President John F. Kennedy's assassination is based on flawed evidence, according to a team of researchers including a former top FBI scientist. Including former FBI lab metallurgist William Tobin, said new chemical and statistical analyses of bullets from the same batch used by Oswald suggest that more than two bullets could have struck the president.

The cost of the Iraq war could have hired 7,383,430 additional public school teachers. Hey someone has to get rich huh???

I teach and it disturbs me to see these kids glorify things they do not understand ie wanna be gangster and anything else their parents did not tell them was wrong. The world is crazy and dangerous and unfortunately their parents are not giving them the tools to "know" Political positioning/polarization is monopolizing their future and people still like to be docile.Folks need to wake up before they find themselves along side Ron Brown..

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Real Problem

Jessee and AL need to shut their trap along with Oprah about hip hop and the black community. Yeah I agree that hip hop is testosterone driven but what form of music does not. Have we forgotten the jacked era of the hair bands. I recommend that you rent the documentary "Decline of the Western Civilization".
I substitute teach because it gives me an idea of were I want to teach. Along my journey I have found that the problem is not with hip hop but with the parents.
I am tired of people placing the blame on everything but themselves, the church and school can only do so much. In my brief time of being a sub I have seen and read read kids report cards to figure that the parents are not active. I have seen kindergartners with a cell phone and little girls (5-7) dressed in booty shorts and halter tops. When I ask a kid from k-8 what they want to be and all they can say is some form of athlete then there is a problem. Instead of bashing hip hop lets find the parents. A kid will rebel but if they have some parental contact they may not be in a grave site desecrating graves.
No one seems to care when black kids are dying at an alarming but when some well to do kid goes on a killing spree it becomes a national epidemic. The same is true with anything that primarily affects the poor, for example crack and aids. If it is killing the less disables then everyone is alright. The moment it crosses the economic line then everyone is up in arms.
Before the next person jumps on hip hop and claim that it is ruining our youth check out the movies and video games but most important check the parents....