Sunday, December 31, 2006


T-A-N-E-Y-A is by far one of the greatest words ever utter. What is a Taneya, why it is not it but a who. To be precise my wife today is my anniversary and I have to say these past five years has been great and I am looking towards 90 more.
I always wonder if I am destine for hell because of the heaven she has brought me. I figure the Almighty would never let me double dip. I can only hope though.
I am writing the world to let everyone know how much I love her. I would have screamed it from the roof top but there is a noise ordinance and I am too cute for any prison.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein Execution

We all can agree that Sadam was a bad man but we cannot deny that the reason why he was removed from power and put to death by the US makes no sense.
He was charged for the death with crimes against humanity for the killing of 148 Shi'ite men after a 1982 after an alleged botched assassination attempt. “1982”, if he was that bad then why did the Reagan Administration removed Iraq from the State terrorism sponsorship list in 1982. Despite the evidence that he did support terrorism abroad, the removal made Iraq eligible for U.S. dual-use and military technology.
Iraq began using chemical weapons against Iranian troops in 1982, and significantly increased chemical weapon use in 1983. Reagan’s Secretary of State, George Shultz, reported Iraq using chemical weapons on Iranian military personnel "drifted in" at the year’s end. A declassified CIA report, possibly written in late 1987, notes Iraq's use of mustard gas in August 1983, giving further suggestion that the SD and/or National Security Council (NSC) was well aware of Iraq's use of CW at this time.
The truth is that Hussein and the United States were bed fellows and interestingly no one from the Reagan administration have not been brought to stand alongside Sadam on the same charges. Instead the US and the new Iraqi puppet regime have buried the truth of America being a willing assistant at the madness of Hussein’s reign in the eighties. The execution of Sadam is clear evidence that this government has lulled the masses to sleep.
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out if Sadam was incarnate of evil and Donald Rumsfield was over there during the “reign of terror” shaking hands with the former leader. I agree that the man was evil but he had help from the US. I believe Donald should be brought to trial along with any living member of the Regan administration and have them explain their actions towards Hussein’s regime back in the eighties. Unfortunately justice will go unrewarded and the truth will never be told and the true perpetrators escaped the gallows.

interesting read:

Monday, December 25, 2006

Genisis 27

My creation is from the countless experiences through poverty and the two most influential people in my life are my mother and grandmother. My memories consist of my mother racking herself over life’s battle ground in order to provide. Free cheese, WIC, food stamps is what kept us above water. I remember my mother saving half of a big mac from work and bringing it home to me. I dread christmas when I was a child because it was a disappointment, the only way I could have a holiday without wondering why are we getting the short end of the stick was through those tv specials. My mother through her sacrifice loved me regardless of how many times I fucked up. My grandmother gave me the deep south love and no matter how many times I confess my sins she stuck by me when my ass should have been in the streets. My birth was through the experience of watching my mother cry at a young age and not understanding why. My anger grew when I found out that my grandfather died on the railroad but the company never compensated my grandmother accordingly. My resentment is to the seed of absence that my father sow and I eventually did the same. My creation comes from everyday events of living in the projects watching relatives being consumed by drugs and violence. I never understood the concept of injecting or ingesting a foreign substance into the body but I new that death was perched on licking its lips.
Through out my life there were others that help buffer my world. David whom big brothers chose as my mentor was brief but influence me to write. I will always love him and his family. Omar my long lost step grandfather came into my life when I was at my lowest, help stir me back into knowledge of self.Those two years was wonderful and I regret that I was not there when you passed.
My experience mirrors countless people living in poverty our lives filled with disappointments that fuel the fire of resentment. Although I admit that I am lucky but there are many that fell short. I see countless people at the shelter that grew up in situations that reflect mine.
I was just fortunate to be bless with women in my life that kept on supporting me when the world threw in the towel.
I am thankful for everyone that help me along the way but they are many and our relationships were brief. Although the contribute to me being who I am it is my mother and grandmother that gave me the foundation of my genesis.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lesson In Love

I learn a lesson in love the other night while working. As noted earlier I work at a homeless shelter that deals primarily with people that have substance abuse. While I was working a gentleman came to the door and asked if he and his wife could stay the night out of the cold. Being new and freshly out of the military I stated that after 8pm the only people that we can take in are those bout by metro for detox. I gave them some sandwiches and told them sorry (man I am going to burn)
Later that night I saw them standing outside the gate and I looked at him and his wife, all I could do is say ok. The reason for me going against the grain is because I was moved by their love for each other. They are in their 50s but due to the harsh life of the streets they look much older and one step from the grave. I was impressed and in awe of them. Here they are struggling, battling various ailments and they are passionate in the way they help each other maneuver. I guess what got me is that you have people in this world that have more than them but fail at matrimonial bliss. Anyway I said ok but I had to do a makeshift setting for them out of the way of prying eyes. Another rule is that couples cannot be in the facility at the same time. No one has ever explained the logic of this rule to me. The next morning I notice he had a hernia or something causing his stomach to stick out and it was sad because being in the elements in poor health only shortens a persons life expectancy. He had problems standing up but his wife in her frail state gain strength from somewhere and helped him before I could assist. I got them some sandwiches and watched them slip out before I woke up the residents or the oncoming staff arrived.
I guess what my point is that those of us that have so much more than them should take a lesson in love from them. They do no have anything not a pot to piss in but they chose to stay with each other and adhere to the sacred for better or worse. To me that is the epitome of true love.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Recently I separated from the navy and was slapped with a heaping pile of bureaucracy and incompetence. My duty station was PSD Memphis, Personnel Support Detachment (place were you get all your admin stuff done) and I figured since I was one of the staff my stuff should be taken care of. Man I was fooling myself first the person(PS2 eberle) in charge of my paperwork in charge of paper work had my discharge papers incorrect and fail to mail them to me in time. Second, I am still technically on active duty although I am not getting paid the system got me serving. SHe has not completely processed me out of the navy. Crazy... This also affects rolling my 401 over (yes the military has a 401 it is called tsp. Oh they have not gotten rid of the normal do twenty and get a check either) or if I want to cash it in, which I plan on doing cause the book Start Late and Finish Rich has given me a few ideas and with the holidays a few extra gifts can be under the tree. I have called every office within my old command to figure what and how. The down side is that since I am staff eberle is the only person that can do my paper work. Now I found out someone else is assign(they are not sure who/whom it is), the reason for having a specific person to do in house business is to cut down on possible corruption and make things run efficiently. The problem I have is that I was the only person separating at that time. There was not much pressure. Then I realize there is no I in bureaucracy or love in incompetence. Now it is the holiday and the joy I was looking forward to i.e. loot for some extra presents is not there. I know the holiday is about the meaning behind the gift but this is the first time that it has been this tight. Am I pissed...? Fuck yeah because people that fail to do their job is my main pet peeve. Is this a warning when you're doing business with PSD Memphis (Millington) you beat. Anytime a place of operation smiles in their comrades face, shakes their hand and leaves them out to dry is someone that you cannot trust and I would not feel comfortable allowing my experience go unheard. I must add that it is bureaucracy that allows this to happen. Thanks eberle and PSD Memphis for a screw job well done.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Homeless

Chaos is perpetual order, seeking truth and constantly finding momentum.

One man's life touches so many others, when he's not there it leaves an awfully big hole. Clarence “It’s A Wonderful Life”

The homeless is a voiceless populous that have for years the general masses has turned their nose up to their plight. One myth which I find appalling is that the homeless people don't work and get most of their money from public assistance programs. The truth is that many homeless people are among the working poor, and a relatively small percentage of them receive government assistance.
I have had little experience with the homeless until recently. In the past I dealt with the homeless in a non personal setting by having them work for an establishment that was my employer (temp agency) and when I worked as an orderly for a psychiatric hospital. In both cases I have seen the extreme polar opposites.
Just recently I have started to work for a shelter that deals with the spectrum of the homeless that have a problem with addiction to narcotics and alcohol. I have met people from all walks of life, people that were in the white collar community as well as the blue collar side of the house. Life threw them a curve ball and before anyone get a preconceive notion we are not immune or impervious. At times in each persons life hardship happens regardless. I never had an understanding until I talked to them and heard their stories. It is heartbreaking to see individuals that for whatever reason had fallen short. I admit that there is a populous that does not want to work but they are a minority.
Past elections have been about family values (gay marriages) and the war on terror which was a smoke screen. Both parties fell short addressing the problems of the homeless which proves their true concern is dictated by what is fashionable in the political arena. The homeless is a sad truth of America’s shortcomings. I challenge everyone to take some time and volunteer and get that degree in humility. Remeber that we are sentient beings that transverse through out this world.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sanity and Rant

Florida, California Suspend Executions!!! Better late is a poor phrase, I'll just say what happen besides the screw up of Florida. Interestingly a federal judge in California extended a moratorium on executions, declaring that the state's method of lethal injection violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. They claim that the 2005 execution in which guards failed to connect a back-up intravenous line to Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the former Crips gang leader who garnered global publicity after writing anti-gang books was lurking in their conscious... I do not by it Swartz had something to prove or satisfy (power structure)
I am still amazed that when someone screws up what Fogel refers to as "far kinder than that suffered by the victims of capital crimes"
I am surprise that they cared about putting minorities down like a dog. I am glad that they have done that but if they want to bring a smile to my face then they would snatch up Carolyn Holloway Bryant the lady that sentence Emmet Til to a horrible death I do not care how old she is. Diaz or Tookie should have been sharing that cocktail with her. Then again putting that bitch to sleep would be to kind. Maybe well.. I will keep those thoughts to myself. She and her family are lucky time travel is not a reality because I would see justice is served since the very system that guarantees us or rights failed and a mother had to bury her child.

Before I forget ignorant blacks that have been killing their neighborhoods should be given the slave treatment. I would love to have these want to be gangsters taken out into the cotton field given the slave treatment. I am tired of seeing blacks do the Klan work . I am tired of people bashing Michael Richards. Yeah it is messed up but I am tired of people jumping on the "black" band wagon. The black community is perpetuating the stereotypes and the so call leaders fuck 'em because they are garbage. They are relics that have lost touch with reality. The true killer of blacks these days is other blacks. The same goes for any other culture ie each race has a tendency to kill their own although I admit there are exceptions but we’re in the here and now.

I am glad that they have decided to reevaluate a system that seems to swallow up minorities.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


In Florida Diaz was executed Wednesday for the 1979 murder of the manager of a Miami topless bar.
The execution went terribly wrong, in stead of the normal (if you call getting put to sleep like a dog normal) usually takes 15min. this time it took 30. According to witnesses moments after the chemicals began flowing, Diaz blinked several times and appeared to be mouthing words. Shortly afterwards it was apparent by his facial expression that sleep business was not according. At 24 min. They gave him a second dose and eventually he died. I know most of you would say who cares and to be honest I do see a need for the death penalty under extreme conditions for example Charlie Manson. There is a fine line between sanity and madness. Besides Diaz killed a manager of a strip bar, the circumstances may be tainted considering the establishment.
Why I am so angry is because the government is concern Omar Abdel-Rahman aka the Blind Sheik’s health. He was the one behind the first World Trade Center bombing (he did have some help from Osama. The man is no doubt an incarnate of evil but the fear is that his death may trigger some retaliation on American soil. Although some experts say it is likely nothing will happen and the spin doctors will take care of that.
What I do not get is that the Shiek got life and Manson got life but a man that kills a manager of strip bar gets death? I know each state has its on set of rules which leads me to seeing the United States as a country of mini countries. Each is its own sovereign entity to an extent only held together in the fabric of the Constitution. Why is my tax dollars going to a terrorist and psychopath?
My opinion is to take a page from the Nazis and make Shiek suffer and use some of Stalin’s tactics and give Manson what he deserves. America fails to take care of it’s own citizens. I never could understand how a person gets the death penalty and others do not. Some say lawyers and others say karma. The sad thing is that we have people that live in war zones and live under the constant fear of a death sentence being dealt. Quite possibly the “spin doctors” keep our minds on issues that I mention in order to keep our focus off the bigger picture that is the spawn of the rich will continue to thrive while the rest struggle for a piece of American Pie.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nicole Paultre & China Arnold

Both women are polar opposites Nicole Paultre disserves to be angry and if she requested blood in retribution, it should be honored. She is the bride to be of the slain man Sean Bell. Her fiancée was gun down shortly after leaving a club. He was looking forward to marrying Ms. Paultry. Instead a lack of judgment and 50 shots later Sean was dead, the survivors were Joseph Guzman, 31, who was shot at least 11 times, and Trent Benefield, 23, who was hit three times and was listed in critical condition after this horrific incident. The PR campaign was quick to point out that five officers who fired their guns included two blacks, two whites and one Hispanic. Regardless of the outward racial makeup of those police officers is irrelevant because that uniform they wear governs their allegiance. One officer was a 12-year veteran and he fired his weapon 31 times, emptying two full magazines!!! Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives' Endowment Association said "The amount of shots fired does not spell out excessive to me" This insane the police officers are on administrative leave with pay (vacation not on the books) Not since the killing of Amadou Diallo, an unarmed West African immigrant who was shot 19 times in Bronx has the realization been clear. Those alleged days of officer friendly are gone. I do not care how they try to paint the picture it is sickening. Those cops should be flogged whipped with the same disregard they showed Sean Bell and his friends. They should feel pain for the pain they caused Ms. Paultre and Mr. Bell's family. They should be left to choke on their own blood for a while before repeating the proccess over again. Hell is what these officers that sworn to protect and serve should get. If you pray, ask for justice.

I had to show Ms. Arnolds face because what she did was horrific More than 15 months after her daughter's death, China Arnold faces the death penalty should she be convicted of aggravated murder. How did she kill her child? She placed the infant in the microwave. Yeah, you read right the microwave... I cannot even start the anguish I feel. If this true and she did do this I would not want the death penalty, the legal system should have someone beat her like a runaway slave for the rest of her life. Death is humane... How can someone, a mother do this to her child. I feel comfortable believing she done it considering it took a year to gather enough proof. Montgomery County Coroner's Office found that Paris Talley, 28 days old, could only have died inside a microwave oven. The father of the child Terrell Talley did not have a comment and I hope he has nothing to do with this. House is a fictional character and trying to find a smidget of evidence that refutes the coroner's finding is not going to happen. Anytime some born again starts going on about the "queers" ruining family values, punch the mother fucker in the mouth and tell them about China and the dirty cops that ruin those moral values they hold so dear.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Again the former Gestapo chief is back in the media with an alleged memo about the Iraq war. To be honest it does not take a rocket scientist to know that they (Rumsfeld and his former employer) did not care about their actions and going after Hussein is shy of a mafia hit. If Husseun is on death row for gassing people then Reagan’s former cabinet should be their as well, especially Rumsfeld since he gave Sadam the blue print for annihilation.
The Donald is not at fault for the things that happen everyone on the” hill" is. The citizens of America are guilty. People need to stop blaming the events of 9/11 for the war in Iraq. Until we as a country realize that we're the ones paying the bills, events like Iraq will continue and the Embargo against Cuba will continue.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday I was asked why 666 and instructed that I may deter people from looking at my blog. I merely say fuck that. I am not catering to weak minded people. If someone has a problem I am a click away. I never had a target group in mind and possibly I may be witting in vain. So be it!!! I am not trying to make money and when my book is published the same rules apply.

If someone has a problem with my user name oh well. To answer the question at the beginning of the post the answer is simple, my name means "man of victory" and the infamous 666 does not need any explanation to the not so free Christian world. Do the math. Do not get it twisted I did not eat the body or drink the blood.
Although I have thought about a snuff film with Condoleezza Rice but we'll see what is in the mix. Since the government has involved us in a legalized snuff film, i.e. Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, I believe we should have Condi star in her very own, along with the rest of the Bush administration.

Friday, December 01, 2006


I am tired of the debate over who had it worse the Jews, Blacks or American Indians. That is like trying to get apple juice from an orange. These incidents in human history are horrific. The all got the short end of the stick. One had their history stripped from them, another had their land stolen and almost removed from history at the same time and the other lost six million by modern technology.
I am tired of people painting the Jews as the ones that had it worse than anyone else in history. They rebounded quite well and have a rich history for a foundation to stand on. What happen to them was a great injustice but people seem to forget that Stalin was into exterminating the Jews. Since he was part of the allies that went up against the original Axis of Evil it got swept under the table.
I believe what happen to the three are a prime example of evil incarnate. No one should be debating over this, what should be discussed is how to prevent it from happening again. No matter how you paint the picture it is disgusting which brings me to the last picture below. I would like to beat him with that chain. To many people died for this fool to perpetuate ignorance. I hope we could by pass this ignorance and focus on our real enemy the ones on capital hill. I could not find any pictures showing the horrific events which happen to the Indigenous Nations of the Americas but if you would like to see who is one of the people responsible for their near extermination just look at the face on the $20 bill.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Spiritual Guide in Iraq

I recently received an email from a celestial family member that is station in Iraq. Enjoy and thank Bush and those pulling his string for sacrificing countless souls at the alter of the golden calf.


Good to hear from's been more than a little chaotic going
from Memphis to Chicago to Iraq in about 40 days...Here's a reflection I
wrote last week. Thanks for the note.

Thanksgiving Day 2006, Al Taqaddam, Iraq.

In the midst of war I send greetings of deep peace and
gratitude...There is no other place on earth I would rather be right
now. I love Iraq. I love my job. I know I am exactly where I am supposed
to be. I still don't know "why". But it is what I have trained for the
last 15 years and what I have been led to my whole life. Everything,
everyone, and every place that has come before has played a part in
bringing me here: This time, this place, a divine appointment. I offer
thanks to you my family, friends, co-workers and thanks to our God for
the incredible journey. The tapestry is still being woven and each day
is but another thread added. I am humbled and wake daily with excitement
and gratitude at being given the opportunity to serve in the spirit and
the power of the living God...real time, real world, real stuff. Life
and death, hope and despair, peace and war, friend and foe...everything
is intensified here.
So what's it like here? Well...
It is:
Desert Sand Brown.
A never ending cycle of sameness where everyday blurs into the one just
past and the one to come.
Sometimes crazy and chaotic.
A place of paradox.
A place seemingly God-forsaken.
People wounded.
People dying.
Living in a 'tin can'.
Living near a flight line with airplanes and helicopters flying mostly
through the night.
Walking a long way to the bathrooms in the middle of a cold night.
Cranky, tired people.
A place where acrid smoke fills the afternoon air.
Living in a large caged area surrounded by lots of fences and wire.
Living under the threat of indirect fire.
Being on call, tied to a radio 24/7.
Day after day of seeing blood and guts, hearing the moans of the
wounded, sometimes seeing bodies burned beyond all recognition.
The smell of burned flesh and the smell of fresh blood mixed with dirt
and sweat and fear...

Yes it's all that...
But it is also something else here.
It is:
Waking every morning to beautiful cool, crisp, clear blue skies filled
with white puffy clouds.
Going to sleep under a canopy of the dark night sky filled with
countless stars.
Appreciating what life there is in this barren land...a few small brown
birds, ravens, and pigeons, ants and dragonflies, and the few green
plants that struggle through the cracks and crevasses.
Living in a private room equipped with real furniture, a real mattress
and a working heater/air conditioner.
3 awesome meals (4 if you count midrats) available with incredible
choice everyday.
2 gyms, 1 movie room, 1 game room, 2 internet/telephone cafes, a small
tea/coffee house, 1 mid-sized PX and several small shops.
Flush toilets and real showers.
Working with incredibly dedicated and professional coworkers.
Walking among people as they work and as they play: Being with them as
they laugh and as they cry.
Comforting the sick and wounded.
Praying over and honoring the life of a now lifeless body.
To stand in awe watching fellow Americans save the life of friend and
foe alike.
To proudly watch as young Marines render final respect by skillfully and
meticulously preparing flag draped body cases as our dead brothers and
sisters begin their final trek home.
To hold the hand of a young Marine in the midst of a seizure and pray
the rosary.
To hold the hand of a wounded Iraqi Army soldier and give thanks to
Allah for sparing his life in a blast.
To be jolted out of bed at 0400 by security to calm a Marine brandishing
a weapon and yelling to see a chaplain.
To encourage a young Marine in her new found Islamic faith.
To study with an Iraqi who wants to know more about Jesus.
To drum with the guys from the post office.
To belly dance with the corpsmen.
To sit around the fire ring with the guys from EOD (explosive ordnance
disposal) and listen to their stories.

To Live, if even just for the briefest of time, in an ancient land
rich with history: to walk in the same desert as did Abraham, Isaac and
Sarah; Abraham, Ishmael and Hagar. To be within a few hundred miles or
less of the ancient cities of Babylon and Ur, and the land of other
ancient civilizations, maybe even close to the site of Eden itself, the
beginnings of human history at the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates.

It is all this here and so much more...There is much to do here.
There is even more to simply sit with and meditate on. And In both doing
and contemplating there are so many things to be thankful for...
It is a place to celebrate the wonder and awe and mystery of life
and death, and the incredible manifestations and surprises of the
Spirit...everyday in small ways and big ways. It is a place to discover
and connect with and move in the flow of the Spirit and in gratitude
share that love with everyone everyday. It is a place to learn to be
present to the moment, neither looking back nor looking too far ahead.
It is to live the sacrament of the present moment. I am here at this
moment to be an instrument to bring hope in the midst of despair, peace
in the midst of war, love in the midst of hate, and life in the face of
death. I have been called, anointed and sent to this strange and crazy
place to co-create with the One who is above all, yet is in all. Pray
that I may stay strong in mind, body and spirit and that I may stay open
and receptive to daily hear and see and respond to the subtle movement
of Spirit in and around me for the good of those I serve.
And what was Thanksgiving Day like here? It was wonderful. The
weather was cool and damp. For the first time I saw several flocks of
migratory birds flying in formation at higher altitudes heading south. I
don't know what they were but it was beautiful to watch. My day began
with an interfaith which I unexpectedly played keyboards
(our awesome keyboardist got sick and is now in Germany...). We gathered
as Christians, Jews, Native Americans, Agnostics and who knows what else
simply to reflect on our abundance and to give thanks to our God, to our
country, to one another.
Thankfully it was a very quiet day for all my units which meant no
serious wounds or deaths.
The Thanksgiving meal was an incredible feast...just like home with
even more variety and more of your closest friends...thousands...I've
never seen the chow hall so busy. It was festively decorated by the
Indians and Pakistanis who serve us. It was so much fun to share in
their gift to us...not only the meal they prepared and served with so
many heartfelt smiles but the extent of the decorations and the food
creatively shaped into turkeys and other thanksgiving themes. The spread
of pies was an endless table stretching across the back of the room. It
was fun to see the Indians and Pakistanis good naturedly dressed in
their holiday aprons and pilgrim hats standing in front of the statue of
liberty replica that adorns the chow hall serving Thanksgiving dinner...
Then it was off to attend/participate in a Baptismal service. Two
members of one of my units wanted to be baptized and so I was able to
hook them up with a service that was already planned for today. In
between times I did rounds at the "hospital", talked with a sick Marine
who wants me to write him the story of what happened to him (from my
perspective and what I saw) the night he was brought in and then I had a
couple of heart to heart talks with people about things that were
bothering them about work or about a buddy they lost in a blast a year
Looking for a break I was playing the keyboard and relaxing and the
Roman Catholic choir came in to practice for their evening mass and
decided I needed to accompany them...and so I quickly learned the music
and jumped in to do so for the special Thanksgiving Mass. It was then
dinner time and so went with the priest and the Southern Baptist
minister to share the nighttime meal...I now have a wonderful photo of
Thanksgiving 2006 of me and the priest in front of the huge turkey made
out of frosting and who knows what that sat in the middle of the chow
hall today. Then it was drumming and dancing with the Gospel choir who
was in the chapel for rehearsal. The Ugandans (the Ugandans provide base
security here) taught me some of their drum rhythms and dance
steps...and we ended with gathered prayer in their language.
Yes, this was a special day, Thanksgiving Day...but really it was
like so many here...filled with many small things that ultimately are
big things...each in its own way weaving the incredible tapestry. Here
each day is so much the same yet each day has its own uniqueness and
richness. Truly the Spirit of the Lord is in this place.
Well, it is nearly midnight and the calm is over...a radio page for
urgent surgical on wounded...and so it goes.
My heart is full and I am blessed. My prayer for you on this
Thanksgiving Day is that you too may know that same fullness and

With love and gratitude (aka...Aloha from TQ),

Dirty Cops

NYPD did it again, detectives spent a few hours nursing drinks and mingling with the crowd before shooting three people that did not have any weapons. They were allowed to drink because they were undercover.
LAPD was caught on tape giving a slave beating to a man already subdued.
I remember Officer Friendly back when I was little, telling my class that the police is here to protect and serve. Lately I begin to wonder what demons he hid.
I guess until over zealous cops start floating in the river we’ll never get true justice. Until we demand a better way to identify the Gestapo we will never have justice.
I do not understand how they were able to pass the background check or a good psych eval. I am of the same ol bs given at every conference. Every time an incident happens a spokesperson says there are still some good cops. I can care less. Justice rather by blood or in court is the only answer and until we get that beware.

For every cop that has ever taken advantage of somebody,
beat 'em down or hurt 'em,
because they have long hair,
listen to the wrong kind of music,
wrong color,
whatever they thought was the reason to do it,
For every one of those fuckin' police,
I'd like to take a pig out here in this parkin' lot,
and shoot 'em in their muthafuckin' face.
Body Count

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am life that radiates
From the crust of bread
While in darkness
I pluck you from the nether world
And lead you to the light of self
By grasping your hand I illuminate the
Path behind the door
And bring you to self realization
You have nothing to fear
Like the shepherd leading his flock
I am always standing vigil
Fear will never envelop you
Like the vine that leads you to the
Tree of life
Which is
Me your truth your God
And ultimately your reflection

Saturday, November 25, 2006


In todays society I wonder what happen to its sanity. Our world was already nuts but promoting borderline kiddie porn.. I wonder why it seems that I am the only one disturb by the Bratz line of baby dolls.
Isaac Larian is the creator and to be honest I get those creepy priest vibes from his picture. What is going on parents, are you that numb to a baby wearing bikini briefs. I know that there are more important things in the universe but Bratz is a good example of parenting gone dumb.

I want to hack into his computer and see what his motivation is. Isaac Larian I know what you look like and if the powers to be deny me the opportunity of getting into your head then I hope someone will.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Which Religion is Right?

Being of a displaced race it is hard to to find a strong bond with any religion that can be tied to a specific culture or race. Since I am more of a mystic I find myself being label a heretic by my Christian brethren and a kafir (infidel) at times among the religion I losely affiliate with. The big three are not for everyone. In order to convey my point check out a few sayings below:

“To love all men is the greatest benevolence”-Confucianism
"LOVE one another" John 15:12
“Let a man cultivate towards the whole world a heart of LOVE” Buhddhism
“One can best worship the Lord through LOVE” Hinduism
“Those who act kindly in this world will have kindness.” Islam Qur'an 39.10
“Heaven arms with LOVE those it would not see destroyed” Taoism
“It matters not whether you do much or little, so long as your heart is directed to heaven” Judaism, Talmud Berakot 17a

Each religion of the world is right, the examples I used are a small portion of the vast beliefs that are out there. The ultimate religion is that of LOVE, we spend to much time on symbols and a fixed ideology which allows little deviation for independence. The perversion of spirituality is destroying the moral fabric of the world. Until we realize this and allow the misguided to bring what they believe a good end to the world (rapture) our world will never heal. Remember LOVE is the root to our ever expanding worldly tree.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hacking Democracy (HBO Special)

I strongly recommend you watch this. Until we expose the wizard behind the curtain, the powers to be will forever dictate the outcome of future events.

Black Box Voting WebSite

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gay Marriage

They are ruining our family values. The Christian fabric is under attack by these heathens... I wonder if these people of good moral standing would be so quick to quote the King James if they knew he was "gay” Yep, he was and I find it odd that the man responsible for further twisting the words of Yeshua (while further purging the baptizer) and changing everyone’s outlook on the bible was gay. Oh there is some theories that say Saul aka Paul was gay as well. He was a Roman by citizenship and when in Rome...
I am tired of people bashing folks for the sake of numbing the pain of ignorance. Hispanics are the largest ethnic minorities, by stating this without using the word ethnic is equivalent to saying all Asians look a like.
The pied piper is among us, the war on terror is the money war fueled by the blood of the innocence. Election time should be a time to destabilize the two monopolizes that have a firm grip on Uncle Sam's throat. When ballots stop being erased will we have true democracy.
Back to the original topic, Gay marriage I say let them. This country is being fed to the wolves rather Tom and Bob want to get married is irrelevant. I challenge any one to set me straight. Look at Yeshuas words not the Old Testament that is not your book and not Paul because he is a closet case that never knew Yeshua.
Find the prophets true words and you’ll realize a man with a strong influence that understands the true temple is the body which houses the soul. Ritualize worshipping is not the true stairway to nirvana, it is the strong intimacy between that person & every sentient beings.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shades of Grey

In today's society image is everything and with former struggling artist trying to keep street creed while making a million in Hollywood. Today people are constatnly pointing the finger at hip hop/rap. Even influential blacks in the community have jumped on the band wagon. The truth is that imitates life, if these so called leaders stop labeling multi platinum artist as a detriment we will be making progress. Even Oprah needs to open her eyes. If an artist goes triple platinum, it is not the black community that caused it. The music has taken the place of jazz, blues and rock as the black music corrupting the white youth. What is destroying the black community the black leaders aka the black leeches. There so many facets of hip hop but everyone seems to be blind. Every genre of music has its version of the minstrel show rather it is the loud rock music that wants you to bow to Satan or the racist red neck country singer. Music in general is the hope for future generation just like Close Encounters we can utilize music to find a common bound.
Unfortunately being human we have tendency of avoiding the truth and placing a bad aid on a gapping wound.
I enjoy the picture above and rather or not they are kissing is a matter of that persons interpretation. Mine, I have read that they do kiss each other on the lips, does not make them gay. If they are who cares they are respectively rich and they spent there time on getting paid and not what anyone thinks. The way it should be for anyone.
The world is no longer black and white, now we deal with shades of gray. Only doing your lessons shall we attain true spiritual royalty.

Monday, October 30, 2006

election time

I am tired of Ford and the racism card being tossed. I have not found anything that would label him a black leader. Just go to Memphis and you'll see the true meaning of chaos. His family made money by being the only "colored" funeral home and interestingly they barley looked "colored" which helped out as well.
My idea black president.... I do not have one yet, except that he would not be a paper one.
I am tired of people tossing race around has anyone learned from OJ.

I do not like this administration and Bush is not that foolish.. Bush and his bed of thieves should be flogged. They bow to the golden calf and prance around your face singing hymns of Jesus. Condi is nothing more than a … hell I do not know but she turns my stomach. Rumsfield what was your meeting with Sadam back in the 80's about? Dick is just dirty and you know were that joke is going.
We need to look beyond the bs the media is feeding us. We need to wonder why this country is behind others in education, health & science. The answer is simple, look at our representatives and you'll find people that are two steps from book burning and put in play an educational system based on misinterpreted religion. After the 60s you find that generation slowly becoming assimilated by the things they stood against. This proves that the best way to change something is not from the inside but from the outside. Revolution is just around the corner and you need to decide who you will shed your blood for.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Holiday Blues"(

I swear lately holidays are focused on the commercialized side and not the traditions. I have been waiting patiently for the Great Pumpkin… Actually I have been like a broke person standing in front of an atm at midnight waiting for that direct deposit. I am far from a religious nut but I respect all holidays especially those that get me off of work. Seriously last year I came to that conclusion when the Drummer Boy, Rudolph, Jack Frost, Charlie Brown and my main man Frosty barely got any prime time, now that I think of it I did not get a chance to shed a tear last year when Frosty was locked in that greenroom and cheer when he is bought back….
Now I am really ticked I can not find the Great Pumpkin on tv!!!!! I have had popcorn and cookies on standby for a while.
I believe our society priorities are screwed up, last year people actually changed the words to Silent Night and went from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. I am far from being Religious but the so call "free love" generation has ruined the holidays for everyone. The holidays are for the kids and it is that one special time were we can be one as well. Every where I look it is the mighty dollar that is being pushed and not the basic fundamentals of having fun. I believe that if anyone that is oppose to Christmas or any holiday should not benefit from the free time. It is hypocritical in my eyes.
Another thing before I forget PARENTS it is not the kid that choose the gift. PARENTS you empower corporate America when you measure the gift in terms of price. Instead of getting your ten year old a PSP get that child something that stimulate the imagination. Try a spy kit or maybe a musical instrument.
Anything that gets that electrical activity going.Oh and one other thing stop setting your kids rooms up to look like a mini studio apartment. You wonder why most kids want to stay at home, try setting them up with a savings account instead.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Backyardingans are coming!!!!!

These cats are the coolest. I have found myself with my partner in crime dancing and singing... Yeah you heard right... After the Teletubies and a bunch of other things that made me think I need rehab, the Backyardingans is an intoxicant. I find my self twitching without a fix.
I believe the reason why I dig them so much is that they put an emphasis on your imagination. After 1985 Snuffleupagus was seen by everybody on Sesame Street I was pissed, because it was statement that did not support the use of your imagination.
Tasha, Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone,& Austin are the best thing for kids on tv. I urge everyone to watch this show.
I bet they could solve world peace.. Imagine the leaders of the world in a backyard trying to solve things by using thier imagination.. Well at least one leader and his cabinat are in the backyard using something but it's not imagination they are using... It's oil laced with meth.

Monday, October 16, 2006


I am tired of the misguided portrait of Pac. He is not a good representative of the ghetto. He was not some revolutionary; he was a self inventive actor that incorporated other people’s lives. He was a good artist but he does not represent the masses of disenfranchise blacks of the ghetto. His death was not an assassination... He got shot for believing his on myth. Sadly there are some artists that I respect that promote the myth of Pac being a "Che" or Huey P.
Jam Master Jay is a tragic case, I have read drug accusations and a possible link of beef another label had with 50cent led to Lay's death. What ever the case may be he was not trying to live a stereotype in the media... He was trying to reach out to those youths that do not have a voice.
Unfortunately this thing in hip hop called "beef" is the slave mentality taken to whole new level. Two millionaires do not war but unify into a stronger organization. Biggie & Pac are the poster children for ignorance.
I love music and open to anything but foolishness I am not. The media wants to pant Hip Hop/Rap into an art form hell-bent on corrupting the youth. If an artist is going multi-platinum it is not the ghetto that supporting the artist records sales. Look at the "burbs" Today rappers are the jazz musicians of yesterday. It was fine when it was a novelty but the moment a kid in an affluent community wants a trumpet like Miles or a turn table like Jay then it is corrupting the fabric of America along with same sex marriages.
Music is an important form of expression regardless the title and allowing the media to pide pipe the masses into a Novocain state nothing will ever get accomplish.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I am tired of people accusing people that due not believe the government has thier interest is a closet case mental patient.

1945 Project Paperclip is initiated. The U.S. State Department, Army intelligence, and the CIA recruit Nazi scientists and offer them immunity and secret identities in exchange for work on top secret government projects in the United States.

1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells. He later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While there, he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.

1932 The Tuskegee Syphilis Study begins. 200 black men diagnosed with syphilis are never told of their illness, are denied treatment, and instead are used as human guinea pigs in order to follow the progression and symptoms of the disease. They all subsequently die from syphilis, their families never told that they could have been treated.

1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations.

1947 Colonel E.E. Kirkpatrick of the U.S. Atomic Energy Comission issues a secret document (Document 07075001, January 8, 1947) stating that the agency will begin administering intravenous doses of radioactive substances to human subjects.

1950 Department of Defense begins plans to detonate nuclear weapons in desert areas and monitor downwind residents for medical problems and mortality rates.

1950 I n an experiment to determine how susceptible an American city would be to biological attack, the U.S. Navy sprays a cloud of bacteria from ships over San Franciso. Monitoring devices are situated throughout the city in order to test the extent of infection. Many residents become ill with pneumonia-like symptoms.

1953 U.S. military releases clouds of zinc cadmium sulfide gas over Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia. Their intent is to determine how efficiently they could disperse chemical agents.

1965 Project CIA and Department of Defense begin Project MKSEARCH, a program to develop a capability to manipulate human behavior through the use of mind-altering drugs.

Prisoners at the Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia are subjected to dioxin, the highly toxic chemical component of Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. The men are later studied for development of cancer, which indicates that Agent Orange had been a suspected carcinogen all along.

1969 Dr. Robert MacMahan of the Department of Defense requests from congress $10 million to develop, within 5 to 10 years, a synthetic biological agent to which no natural immunity exists.

1978 Experimental Hepatitis B vaccine trials, conducted by the CDC, begin in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Ads for research subjects specifically ask for promiscuous homosexual men.

1981 First cases of AIDS are confirmed in homosexual men in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, triggering speculation that AIDS may have been introduced via the Hepatitis B vaccine

1985 According to the journal Science (227:173-177), HTLV and VISNA, a fatal sheep virus, are very similar, indicating a close taxonomic and evolutionary relationship.

1986 According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (83:4007-4011), HIV and VISNA are highly similar and share all structural elements, except for a small segment which is nearly identical to HTLV. This leads to speculation that HTLV and VISNA may have been linked to produce a new retrovirus to which no natural immunity exists.

1990 More than 1500 six-month old black and hispanic babies in Los Angeles are given an "experimental" measles vaccine that had never been licensed for use in the United States. CDC later admits that parents were never informed that the vaccine being injected to their children was experimental.

1994 With a technique called "gene tracking," Dr. Garth Nicolson at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX discovers that many returning Desert Storm veterans are infected with an altered strain of Mycoplasma incognitus, a microbe commonly used in the production of biological weapons. Incorporated into its molecular structure is 40 percent of the HIV protein coat, indicating that it had been man-made.

"It is easy to understand why researchers might want to obscure the man-made origin for AIDS and blame primates. It is now apparent that most of the major researchers promoting the African primate origin of AIDS were connected with the largely secret Special Virus Cancer Program, or are scientists involved in the transfer of viruses in animal research, particularly primate research."--Dr Cantwell MD

1994 Senator John D. Rockefeller issues a report revealing that for at least 50 years the Department of Defense has used hundreds of thousands of military personnel in human experiments and for intentional exposure to dangerous substances. Materials included mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, psychochemicals, hallucinogens, and drugs used during the Gulf War.

The list will keep getting longer, the needs of the few as the powers to be would say. We need to read between the lies and realize that our collective as a nation is being undermine and the majority sits idly by and believe every fairytale that is being told. Santa is dead and the Easter Bunny is under glass with splash of garnishment.
We need to take back the government.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Election Time

I am tired of politicians using Mexico as an escape goat for terrorism. No where did I find in the 9/11 report Mexico in bed with terror. I wish at least one person for political office admits the fault lies at the feet of the U.S. intelligence agencies. The bed that Uncle Sam shares with the Saudi family is the same that Al Qaeda was able to hide under.
I do believe that the language of the U.S. should be English and it should be enforced, if a person tries to become a citizen of any other country they will have to play on that countries turf. I support U.S. history being taught. I am not talking about that water down racist garbage that has been taught through out the school district. I would like to see a class that shows how everyone has contribute to this chaos known as the United States of America and we have the power to change the government.
Oh and one other thing Mark Foley I do not agree but I doubt those 16 yr olds are completely innocent but I am glad he was found out. The one sex scandal I would like to bring to the table is the fact that the people of this country are constantly being molested by the predators on the “Hill”
Until that is addressed we’ll never have peace in the known world. Chaos generates money and this administration has generated a lot of revenue.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Surah 3:26
Say, “O , Allah, Owner of Sovereignty,
You will and You take souvereignty
away from whom You will and You
humble whom you will. In Your
hand is [all] good. Indeed, YOU
are over all things competent.

Surah 3:27

You cause the night to enter the day,
and You cause the day to enter the
night; and You bring the living out of
the dead, and you You bring the dead out out of the living.
And You give provisions to whom You will
account [i.e., limit or measure]."

We need to realize that or world has slipped out of our hands and right now we are being digested in the belly of the beast. The only course of action is to cut. There so many of us lost i.e. mentally dead. They need to be led to the light. As long as the majority poison their mind and soul, they we will be forever on the outskirts of Eden.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Immortal Technique - The Cause of Death

Unfortunately the tribe of Lazarus still roams the earth searching for Easter eggs and leaving cookies out for a dream to slide down a chimney.
This government has failed the people. Cindy Sheehan should hug more trees, I understand her grief but her son made that choice. This country has long since stripped the idea "we from the Constitution. The only way to cast off the shackles of oppression is to read... Investigate and realize there is forces out there that bank on your ignorance in hope of bleeding you

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Immortal Technique - 4th Branch

For those that could not watch or digest the complete documentary down below then I advise you to check this video out. The majority of the masses are being led by a false messiah with hopes of the rapture being around the corner. If people would like to call me a conspiracy nut case then I ask my accusers why are we in Iraq.

Women Religion

Islam has been labeled the religion that oppress women. I decided to look at Islamic cousin Christianity and this is what I found:

I Corinthians 14:34-35 says “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

I Timothy 2:11-14 carries the same thought and even points out, despite the fact that they both sinned, that it was the woman who was deceived. “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”

Numbers chapter 30 outlines the law of vows. The chapter basically says that a daughter’s vow could be voided by her father and wives vows could be voided by their husbands. Verse 13 says “Every vow, and every binding oath to afflict the soul, her husband may establish it, or her husband may make it void.” Basically, this law was established because women were not considered competent enough to make a vow or a contract, just as minor children are not legally bound to contracts in the United States today.

Numbers chapter 5 describes a ritual used when a man was suspicious of his wife to see if she had been unfaithful. The jealous husband brought his wife before the priest with a specially prepared offering. The priest made her drink a mixture called “the bitter water that causeth the curse” (verse 18), which contained, among other things, dust from the tabernacle floor. If she was innocent the drink would cause no harm, but “if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people” (verse 27).So much for trust in a marriage. If you think she may be unfaithful, make her drink the bitter water that causes the curse. What else could you do, take a woman’s word for it? Incidentally, this didn’t work the other way around. Women with cheating husbands had no redress.

Just how low was a woman’s position in the culture from which the Bible was born? Judges chapter 9 gives us some indication. In verse 52-54 we read about the dying request of Abimelech. “And Abimelech came unto the tower, and fought hard against it, and went hard unto the door of the tower to burn it with fire. And a certain woman cast a piece of millstone upon Abimelechs head, and all to brake (sic) his skull. Then he called hastily unto the young man his armourbearer, and said unto him, Draw thy sword, and slay me, that men may not say of me, A woman slew him. And his young man thrust him through and he died.”

I hope people will realize that it is not God that dictates the status of a woman but the society that they are in. Both religions have some jacked up views towards women. Me I claim is Islam as my chosen path but I am more a mystic so I am not welcome with open arms. Does that offend me... Naw!!! Because my spiritual relationship is not with mere mortals but with Great Islam has been labeled the religion that oppress women. I decided to look at Islams cousin Christianity and this is what I found:

I Corinthians 14:34-35 says “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

I Timothy 2:11-14 carries the same thought and even points out, despite the fact that they both sinned, that it was the woman who was deceived. “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”

Numbers chapter 30 outlines the law of vows. The chapter basically says that a daughter’s vow could be voided by her father and wives vows could be voided by their husbands. Verse 13 says “Every vow, and every binding oath to afflict the soul, her husband may establish it, or her husband may make it void.” Basically, this law was established because women were not considered competent enough to make a vow or a contract, just as minor children are not legally bound to contracts in the United States today.

Numbers chapter 5 describes a ritual used when a man was suspicious of his wife to see if she had been unfaithful. The jealous husband brought his wife before the priest with a specially prepared offering. The priest made her drink a mixture called “the bitter water that causeth the curse” (verse 18), which contained, among other things, dust from the tabernacle floor. If she was innocent the drink would cause no harm, but “if she be defiled, and have done trespass against her husband, that the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter, and her belly shall swell, and her thigh shall rot: and the woman shall be a curse among her people” (verse 27).So much for trust in a marriage. If you think she may be unfaithful, make her drink the bitter water that causes the curse. What else could you do, take a woman’s word for it? Incidentally, this didn’t work the other way around. Women with cheating husbands had no redress.

Just how low was a woman’s position in the culture from which the Bible was born? Judges chapter 9 gives us some indication. In verse 52-54 we read about the dying request of Abimelech. “And Abimelech came unto the tower, and fought hard against it, and went hard unto the door of the tower to burn it with fire. And a certain woman cast a piece of millstone upon Abimelechs head, and all to brake (sic) his skull. Then he called hastily unto the young man his armourbearer, and said unto him, Draw thy sword, and slay me, that men may not say of me, A woman slew him. And his young man thrust him through and he died.”

I hope people will realize that it is not God that dictates the status of a woman but the society that they are in. Both religions have some jacked up views towards women. Me I claim is Islam as my chosen path but I am more a mystic so I am not welcome with open arms. Does that offend me... Naw!!! Because my spiritual relationship is not with mere mortals but with the true Great Architect of the Universe. If people feathers are ruffled because of this post or any others that I have done get over it the movie is bigger than both of us and until we realize that ,we will costantly be typed cast by the writters on the "Hill".

Sid Vicious (sex Pistols) - My Way

We are under constant scrutiny in this world. Rather you have a parent berating you or the media trying to make you believe the boogie man exist.. Remember we disappoint someone no matter how hard you try. Live life to your measuring stick and piss off to anyone else.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am tired of the media talking about Bush and his support of torture tactics. I am not his biggest supporter also I do not condone what took place Abu Ghraib or at US naval base in Guantanamo Bay. If they have Bini's top five bring out the golden area of the CIA.
The media is taking our attention off the important issues. War was never nice and the concept of rules of war is a nice pipe dream but it is time to wake up. America is being made soft and the masses common sense along with it. I guess when people find themselves at the end of George Allen's noose our attitudes may change.

"Most education schools are engaged in a pursuit of irrelevance. They have not kept pace with the changing demographics, technology, and global competition and pressures to raise student achievement."
Stephanie Banchero
The true problem is in our face education of the young is not happening. They are bombarded with fear and chaos. They are being led to a slaughter of biblical proportion. While a select few feast on their marrow.

I am the fallen son
Cast out of heavens loving
Hell bent on a life
In eternal blackness
Constantly rain on by
The feces of the Father
The darkness is my mother's
Bosom which I seek refuge
The darkness
Is were I stage my attack

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pope Benedict

In his speech at the University of Regensburg, Benedict quoted criticism of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad by 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, who wrote that everything Mohammad brought, was evil and inhuman, "such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."
What do you expect from a Nazi.I guess the Pope and Bush have something in common after all. The desire to relive the glory days of having other faiths crushed under the heels of "Jesus" To bad they failed to realize their very faith is an extension (politicizing) of many faiths. I do not like this Pope, he reminds me of that creepy person your parents would not leave you with. Comments like this are a glimpse in a demented mind. He is clearly reminiscing about Bishop Alois Hudal and the fame thriller The Odessa File.
George Clooney, I believe he was the brighter moments in the news this week.

Monday, September 11, 2006


My soul is a constant
Flame of blacken retribution
I chose the dark side
That is were madness
& Sensibility makes sense
I love the screams of innocence
Being cast into a lake of brimstone
In the dark I see the evil that envelops the world
Seduces the weak and devour the children

9/11 I hate to say it will become another Easter. Every April we are bombarded with Charlton Heston playing a piss poor Moses. 9/11 will do the same.... Propaganda will reign supreme. Clinton messed up and so did the previous administrations that went back to the CIA's removal of Dr. Mohammad Mossadeghup. I had warm fuzzes when I thought of Disney now I am wondering if they are hiding the antichrist. I feel betrayed knowing Disney. I stare with disgust as they latch on the same tit as Bush1, Bush2, Dick, Clinton, Rumsfield and Condi. Remember when you vote Santa is dead. And remember the alternative to vote is revolt.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

be aware of the possibilities


Do I believe that Osama is innocent-no. I do believe that his training from the U.S. helped. After watching the ABC's show "THE PATH TO 9/11" I realize that propaganda on the scale of Stalin and Hitler is still alive. This country was founded on the backs of tortured innocence. The forefathers did not come to a vacant lot and build a mega mart. They stole and killed to obtain it.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"I dislike Condoleezza Rice more than [President] Bush. The thing about it is that she's gotten a free ride from black people. People say, 'She's so successful' and 'Look at her position as a black woman.' She is a black woman who grew up in Birmingham, Ala., and said that she never experienced a day of racism in her life,"
"Condi, stop smoking that crack! I know you love your Ferragamo shoes, but come on. While people were drowning in New Orleans, she was going up and down Madison Ave. buying Ferragamo shoes." Bravo unaminous writer.
The anniversary of 9/11 is approaching and I still see this country in Iraq looking for terroorist (almost reminds me of Elmer looking for Bugs)
People believe that Osama's hatred is jealousy. It is not true... I do not justify what Osama did but I got a clue to why. This country used the Taliban to fight the Russians and when the war was over Sam gave the big 'f & u' to them leaving many disgruntle. I begin to wonder why Osama's family was allowed to flee the United States after the events of 9/11 took place.
Former CIA director Tenet told the 9/11 commission that the United States did not target Bin Laden at a camp in Afghanistan in February 1999 because he was meeting with the UAE royal family.
I do not blame the Clinton administration but their hands are bloody as well. I am tired of all the slop being tossed around during this time of mourning. We need to ask why the men and women that risk their lives during those hours of chaos are still having problems receiving the medical care needed. The World Trade was a festering toxic dump. The government is dragging it's feet.
I wonder why we never hold a public mourning on April 19, 1995, around 9:03 a.m. The reason is fear from the truth.. The fear that the very destruction that killed and maim their own was from the proverbial gene pool. It is easy to create a monster such as Osam or Sadam because they are not tangible. McVeigh was one of their own... Trained to kill and oblige Uncle Sam with the trophies of war. The War on Terror is a War on our phobias. Muhammad and Malvo were onto something... The problem is that they were aiming at the wrong people.... The day of reckoning will come and blood will choke the wicked.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We the People

Is there a secret organization hell bent on world domination? Does such an organization exist that believes in plunging the masses into a sick twisted domination? Was "Wild" Bill Cooper correct?
Is John the baptizer just as important as Jesus?
Could be..... AIDS crack, & the proverbial icing on the cake 9/11 anything’s possible. Oh and the infamous Florida elections hell I am open to any theories to explain the last 26 years of Governmental chaos. I remember the ol' saying “we the people” but I fail to see that in the way this government is being run. The masses are being repeatedly raped. I believe we should have a public execution of the donkey and elephant. I vote to have their throats slit on the steps of the capital and let them drown in their own blood. If anyone believes in the fantasy of the great equal melting pot called the United States then explain the last 26 years.
On 19 September 2001 Bush said "this crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take awhile." This was no Freudian slip and he made it quite clear his religious intentions... He wants the rapture.......
Back to my original question I believe their is a dead skunk on the road I do not believe Aids just came out of no where and I believe that this government depends on chaos because fear generates prophets for the big corporations. The underlying fault line of this country is the working class and the platelets are beginning to buckle. I want to be the first in line to dip my fingers in the blood of the dead political icons.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wake Up Call

Our world is fragile and the masses continue to tear her apart and slit each others throats. It amazes me how the people allow a select few place the many into a caste system. The world is much more complicated than black or white. The same way people were conquered hundreds of years ago still apply today. Divide and govern should be the next campaign slogan.
The war on terror is the cold war reinvented, for the record Clinton can go to hell... What was he doing during these times: 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, 1998 United States embassies in the East African capital cities of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen? Get off the if Clinton was still in the "House" cause he help lay the foundation without responding and the Republican years before help fund them.
I believe Al should run again and I hope everyone with a little electricity flowing through that grey matter would vote and fight for him. I am not an affiliated with any party but the candidate that makes since and has a good plan.
WMDs are here in America in the schools and the prisons, the future generations that has the system crapping on them. There will be another war on America’s soil but it will not be from a foreign threat. I advise everyone to read the anarchist cook book to prepare for things to come. That movie of Bush's assassination may be a blueprint already set into motion.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron sceptre. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty." Rev.19:11-21

It seems that I cannot escape religion, Jesus was a real person and I bet that he would be pissed at the perversion of his teachings. Muhammad is probably saying WTF.....Moses is somewhere saying to Abraham we need God to bring another flood with a fire and brimstone chaser.
Instead of focusing on the many religions and their faults we should turn our attention toward the "Hill"
Stem cell research is not evil or inhumane, if scientist are being accused of murder then what should we charge the Bush administration with.
I know... Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by. Or treason.
I am sick and tired of the perversion done to this world by the select few claiming to speak on our behalf. 9/11 is approaching and if want to honor them ask the Government why is it those they sponsor seem to be terrorist.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I can never understand the cut backs in the military. Right now civilians are being used as recruiters and the MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) is being civilianize. I am appalled that this government will stand by like the three monkeys with fixtures over their eyes, ears and mouth. Ever since the cold war ended the powers on the "Hill" has sought to reduce the size of the military and expect the quality of work to stay the same with half the staff. The reason why the military is having such a hard time is because their boss does not care about them. The only credible representative that was in this current administration was Colin Powell and I understand why he left. I have looked into the eyes of hundreds that served in the chaos called "War on Terror" and feel the confusion on why Uncle Sam does not love them. I do admit that there are some that serve this country without question. My concern is the government placing so much on the shoulders of those in uniform.
Condi, George, Rumsfield & Dick never served as Colin or George SR. Right now the fate of this government is in the hands of people that have no concept of the military.
Anyone that insults those men & women that are getting their hands dirty in the sand.... Go to hell!!!! These kids unknowingly sign their souls to Halliburton (DEVIL) and until someone starts a coup they'll be over there indefinitely.

Al-Falaq or The Dawn
Qul aoozhu bi rubbil falaq; min sharri ma khalaq
Wa min sharri ghasiqin Izha waqub
Wa min sharri ennaffathati fi el oqad
Wa min sharri hasidin izha hasud.

"I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn,
"From the mischief of created things;
"From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads;
"From the mischief of those who practice Secret Arts
"And from the mischief of the envious one as he practices envy."

Monday, August 28, 2006


Ernesto Guevara de la Serna
Che Guevara or el Che
June 14, 1928

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, also known as Detroit Red, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
May 19, 1925

Important people that individuals fail to recognize or realize thier importance.

The results are in...The criminal charges against John Mark Karr in the killing of the child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey were dropped because his DNA did not match the evidence found at the scene of her death 10 years ago. I cannot believe they wasted that much energy on something so obvious.
The world is full of headlines that no one seems to get the underlying meaning. When America went to Iraq because of WMDs no one bother to ask Rumsfield what the hell was in that briefcase he gave Saddam during his December 19-20 1983 visit to Baghdad. Or in December 1997, Unocal sponsored a meeting that brought Taliban ministers to the United States, including the minister of mines and industry, the minister for culture and information and the minister for planning.
No one seems to care that the anniversary of the most disgusting blatant disregard because of a persons status in society.
We need to discard the Democratic & Republican party... Burn them!! A snake is a snake and wolf in sheep's clothing is just that.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrorism In Our Backyard

Hezbollah was out the next day giving funds to the people of Lebanon. A year later here in the good ol USA victims of hurricane Katrina are still trying to clean the stench of Uncle Sam's defecation.
Hezbollah means the Party of God and by their actions they have one up on Bush ie the Christ president claiming to talk to God.
Here in the United States we have problems in our schools, homes & community. It is not because of people crossing the border. My Latino brothers are the niggers of the millennium. They are facing the same racist ideology that the Irish, Germans, Jewish and all other folks that were birth on these shores.
I believe we need to storm the White House by any means and demand George, Condi, Dick & Rumsfield be held on charges equivalent of war crimes for the chaos and senseless deaths of the innocents lost in the sand and on the cost. I cannot understand why we sit idly by while rapture fanatics pump us full of fear.

7th seal placed on the
Unwanted eye of the messiah
Cause the blood of truth
To soak the sand
And raise the 4th seal
To rise and take root
In the garden of snakes

Friday, August 25, 2006


"Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12 & "Jesus" 2 Peter 1:19 Revelation 22:16:
The two are inseparable
At the alter of John the Baptist I quench my thirst
I am the light bearer and morning star
as Jesus and Lucifer
My soul burns with wisdom of the universe
Stretching fourth with palms of Mohammed & Buddha
Through my eyes can the treachery of the world be seen
And the perversion of the
Hampton Court Conference
John Wyclif
William Tyndale
Is brought to light

Gov. Ernie Fletcher of Kentucky, who was indicted in May in connection with a hiring scandal. Does the word FEMA ring a bell..
I am sick of the whole terror alert, I feel as the kid growing up in the early does of nuclear technology. The real threat is in our schools, we have a habit of pluging them into monitor without anything to filter the crap they take. I am tired of seeing another parent complain about thier child playing Grand Theft.. The game cost $50 and it has a rating "M" for mature.. Then again any game with grand theft in it should cause some alarms to go off. Hillary Clinton is the new Tipper Gore, she is a big supporter of banning certain video games because of the content. I guess the pot smoking free love, free thinking girl of the 60s is gone.
We are living in a time that could very well mimic McCarthyism. The terror alert and the new rules for riding planes is the begining. Now the war on terror has that indefinite stamp, no matter the canidate they will still fed from the tit of the wolf. There is big money to be made with war and unfortunately the collateral being put up is the blood of innocents.
When the government released the book 911 report, I began to wonder how can something of that magnitude only produce 608 pages

Good morning starshine,
The earth says "Hello."
You twinkle above us,
We twinkle below.
Good morning starshine,
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
our early morning singing song

Read and realize that sheep are being led to a senseless slaughter.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've been thinking
I have failed
The difference is that
They do not run me
Failure drives me
Through the divine phallus of the
I ejaculate
Pure will to succeed
A coward alloys
The abyss of failure to govern them
Love, hate war, death, greed fear
Generate from failure
Success is that internal
Flame that governs its affects

Why is it that people have the need to force their presence on others???? I never could understand how people feel that they have the right when not asked for their opinion. I am a person of peace (to a certain extent)
This very idea could reflect with the world today. The earth is flat meaning technology allows faster communication and the overlapping of money in the pockets of blood thirsty devils make everyone in politics strange bed fellows. Donald Rumsfeld gave Saddam Hussein the WMDs that killed the Kurds although it was meant for Iran. Oh and the wonderful Iran-Contra scandal. I am not some conspiracy buff but I could never understand why people are shocked at political scandal... Are we that blind that we cannot see beyond the grassy knoll?
Another beef I have is the whole Bill Clinton was the first black president garbage. He is a snake, have you notice relationship with BushI. I admit that he is blacker than Condoleezza Rice but that is similar to comparing off white with cream.
My manifesto is the TRUTH, we need to realize their is no fat man name Santa and December 25 is a pagan holiday (along with Easter)
We need to stop looking at two parties for guidance and slit the the throat of the golden calf.....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Surah 1. Al-Fatiha

1. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

2. Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds;

3. Most Gracious, Most Merciful;

4. Master of the Day of Judgment.

5. Thee do we worship, and Thine aid we seek.

6. Show us the straight way,

7. The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.

I repeat these words under my breath over and over again when I look at the news. I beat people are wondering what is my manifesto.... It is truth and revolution. I am tired of the Ramsey case, it is sad a child dies but this nut case is just that. While Katrina victims are still left in shambles this government can milk that cash cow for war on people that suckled from the same tit as Uncle Sam. Is it that we are at the dentist doped on novacaine to the extreme were we cannot feel the senseless removal of our molars. Billions of dollars have been jerked off on the war on terror when in fact the terror is here in this country.....
Bush signs Voting Rights Act extension, why not it helped in Florida... Why does a race need a bill to vote, I thought that it was a done deal after the 60's shock democracy's foundation. If a group lives in fear of losing their rights why are we in Iraq? Should that topic have a spot on the U.N. floor. 85% percent are living among the tribe of Lazarus while ten percent know the truth and use that glimmering light to lead those lost on a path of destruction. While the remainining 5% are the guerrillas that will topple Babylon.