Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shades of Grey

In today's society image is everything and with former struggling artist trying to keep street creed while making a million in Hollywood. Today people are constatnly pointing the finger at hip hop/rap. Even influential blacks in the community have jumped on the band wagon. The truth is that imitates life, if these so called leaders stop labeling multi platinum artist as a detriment we will be making progress. Even Oprah needs to open her eyes. If an artist goes triple platinum, it is not the black community that caused it. The music has taken the place of jazz, blues and rock as the black music corrupting the white youth. What is destroying the black community the black leaders aka the black leeches. There so many facets of hip hop but everyone seems to be blind. Every genre of music has its version of the minstrel show rather it is the loud rock music that wants you to bow to Satan or the racist red neck country singer. Music in general is the hope for future generation just like Close Encounters we can utilize music to find a common bound.
Unfortunately being human we have tendency of avoiding the truth and placing a bad aid on a gapping wound.
I enjoy the picture above and rather or not they are kissing is a matter of that persons interpretation. Mine, I have read that they do kiss each other on the lips, does not make them gay. If they are who cares they are respectively rich and they spent there time on getting paid and not what anyone thinks. The way it should be for anyone.
The world is no longer black and white, now we deal with shades of gray. Only doing your lessons shall we attain true spiritual royalty.

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