Sunday, February 25, 2007

Black is Beautiful

Racism is alive and well, unfortunately blacks are perpetuating the stereotypes. Which ultimately strips away the dignity of the youth. Stop using the term good hair or nice complexion, black is beautiful, nappy is happy. I love my "permanaps" and so should every breathing black person out there.


I had almost gave up on radio, I kid you not.. I could not stand listening to the radio because of the same songs being playing over and over again. I have found a diamond in the ruff. The Michael Baisden show is on point he pulls no punches and it stirs the cognitive juices. 92.1FM Nashville TN has been a blessing.
Black Month has for the most part not been sporadic moments of light. One of those beacons is Michael Baisden..
Thanks Michael for making the airways worth listening to.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Soapbox: Black Month

"most ideas are stillborn and need the breath of life injected into them through definite plans of immediate action"-Napoleon Hill

F**K it!!!! F**k it!!! Just had to get it off my chest as I look at black history month. I am waiting Perv Jackson and Jar Jar Binks to do a special. I swear... Another Thing I am tired of is people claiming to be hood or growing up in the "PJs" because they grew up in an apartment complex in order to get some cred. If you do not fall under the definition below then stop speaking.
Public housing or project homes is a form of housing tenure in which the property is owned by a government authority, which may be central or local.
Notice the word project and guess who was herded into these facilities as if they were live stock. It was only a matter of time that the lab rats produce the desirable result. Healthy young bucks for the betterment of making the government fat. In other words back door slavery.
I saw this video and it just fit the motif enjoy... I got condi in my scope so shhhh... I'm hunt'n sell out niggers.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Black Month recap

So far nothing big has happen for black folks this month... This month has been for crazy white women, first the fame astronaut whom wore (get this) an adult diaper and driving 900 miles to god knows what to another woman that was bagging her man. So far NASA had the nerve to blame the stress of being an astronaut which could contribute to her break down... WTF!!! Lets call it what it is the woman is crazy point blank. On the opposite side of the fence is Ms. Smith... Well, I am not going to bash her because Anna is a good example of not being prepared for wealth and notoriety. I am pissed because two great singers died but they did not receive as much coverage. I admit that Gerald may not be well known but the Godfather died and no one seems to care. The man that gave soul to music and the slogan "Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud" I am tired of these vampires.. Oh and someone smack the dust out of Zsa Zsa's husband, there is a child involved and the only thing anyone cares about is money. White media is crazy.
On the flip side Ayman al-Zawahri (Al-Qaida's No. 2) has surficed and not talking about much. He says that "Bush suffers from an addictive personality, and was an alcoholic. I don't know his present condition ... but the one who examines his personality finds that he is addicted to two other faults _ lying and gambling" And follows with "So pay attention before it's too late, and beware of Bush's losing gambler's lie which claims that he, with the corpses of your killed and limbs of your wounded, is spreading democracy around the world," What he failed to realize is that we know that Bush has crabs.
Also during black history month folk still do not realize that Obama is not a African American in the sense as folks associate it with.. ie His father came here by choice, Obama has a shot since he can bank on the whole immigrant achieving the high rungs of the ladder and pose no threat to the establishment(not going to seek reparations or book Parliament for the inaugural party) Again it shows the desperation of black folks for a leader.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Black History Month to me is much than remembering the dead. It is to remember the struggle of everyday life which shapes who we are.
Remembering why my toys came from goodwill or the salvation army. Feeling like we moved up when they placed showers in the apartment and worry about my bath water turning piss green before I finish my bath or better yet . Constantly trying to figure out why I had to wait til the first to get cereal from the top of the cereal aisle.
Looking at my mother rake her body over the hot coals of life trying to put food on the table while I secretly wonder if my life was a mistake. At times taking my confusion out on my brother not understanding the madness...
Getting assurance from my grandmother the eternal sage...
Looking at that sorry hundred dollar check I get a month from my pops knowing he is living in the burbs while I live in a roach infested poverty stricken neighborhood. The only fatherly assurance I got from him was pain, spiritual abuse which fed my ever teetering world. Black history to me is remembering the two soldiers that held the anchor which kept me from falling over edge of the earth.
Black History Month for me is paying homage to the two pillars that kept my foundation from crumbling. Black History is much more than idolizing those intangible people of the past but those right there in front of you.. Those that gave you the principles of knowledge, wisdom & understanding. I love all those that pave the way but my love goes deeper to those that help the God manifest.

A Tribe Called Quest Stressed Out

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Black history
Has become
a White wash
Of a preconceive
Notion of Lazarus
When in fact brothers and sisters
Are clinging to the phallus of
While dreaming about the breast of
The Madonna
Synthetic process of a
So call black evolution
Washed away with
The minstrel cycle of Katrina
While pseudo coffee shop revolutionaries
Has led a majority to believe in a mystery
in the guise of
Obama and Hillary
Not one has left the hills and
Wallow in the filth that has led so many
In the cycle of depravity
Instead they bow down to Big Brother
Not realizing
Dick Condi and Bush
Father Mother and Son
Osiris,Isis and Horus
are looming on the horizon
Ready to rip the lid
Off the covenant
And lay the hand of

Friday, February 02, 2007

Black Month

Oh man, here we go again.. Black history month, a whole month of King, Douglas and Tubman. Not to mention all those ol' Negro spirituals that beg for death. Man!!! I am on cloud nine!!!
This should be the month that black folk should declare war on their communities, take no prisoners. Feb is a sad banner that points to the fact that the marvelous strides in advancement is a smoke screen. Poverty, incarceration and early death has become the dream.
Oprah, going to South Africa was some bs, you could have started a private school that promotes minority teachers especially men of color. You have young soldiers dying over some fragmented idea of the american dream. You run to South Africa....
Condi should sit her ass down this month, she lost any ounce of her blackness after she sat on her hands and watch her people die in Katrina.

So long have I been praying
Oh god help me
God reply go away I do not want
to hear you cry
I knew Jesus heard me because he spat in my eye

poem can be found in Black Fire
An Anthology of Afro-American Writing