Friday, February 02, 2007

Black Month

Oh man, here we go again.. Black history month, a whole month of King, Douglas and Tubman. Not to mention all those ol' Negro spirituals that beg for death. Man!!! I am on cloud nine!!!
This should be the month that black folk should declare war on their communities, take no prisoners. Feb is a sad banner that points to the fact that the marvelous strides in advancement is a smoke screen. Poverty, incarceration and early death has become the dream.
Oprah, going to South Africa was some bs, you could have started a private school that promotes minority teachers especially men of color. You have young soldiers dying over some fragmented idea of the american dream. You run to South Africa....
Condi should sit her ass down this month, she lost any ounce of her blackness after she sat on her hands and watch her people die in Katrina.

So long have I been praying
Oh god help me
God reply go away I do not want
to hear you cry
I knew Jesus heard me because he spat in my eye

poem can be found in Black Fire
An Anthology of Afro-American Writing

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