Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Children

Once again the court system fell short in keeping a child molester in jail. Aaron Mohanlal molested a seventh-grade boy. What confuses me is that the judge granted Aaron Mohanlal a rare bond that allows him to remain free while his case is tried on appeal, a process that could take years.
And there was evidence that Mohanlal was grooming other children. One middle-schooler told police that Mohanlal rubbed his arms and back during class; another testified at trial that his teacher gave him his cell phone number, money and hair conditioner.
What is sick is that the court order to stay away from his victim did not include other kids.. In other words this sick individual can move freely among children...
What is said is that the father is asking the court for a logical explanation when he should have exerted that energy for the eradication of that sick "sob" If that child was mine the court would not have to worry about justice and to be hones I believe the judge behaved like this in order to get justice right... If the child was mine then Mohanlal would learn what hell is... When we fail to protect our young then we doom our future...

Check out the court papers

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I love music regardless what it is because music is a beautiful expression of the soul... Lately that expression has turned ugly... I ran across NYOIL a 5 trying to resurrect the 85 while trying to cut the heads of of the 10...
The music videos that I have posted is not intended for children under the age of 13 due to the content.. I will leave that up to you as a responsible pearson. They music videos are powerful and highly recommended for detox.


NYOIL: Y'all Should Get Lynched

NYOIL: Y'all Should Get Lynched pt2

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama-Cartoons-View & Nigger

I dig the cartoon... For the big debate over the use of nigger on the View were black co-host Sherri Shepherd told her white co-host "I can use it as a term of endearment, (but) I don't want to hear it come out of your mouth," Just piss me off,my philosophy is this; do not refer to yourself by something that you do not want the rest of the world to use when describing you...
I believe we need to reflect on the wise words of Richard Pryor “I was sitting by myself (in the Nairobi Hilton in Kenya) and I just looked around and it was like a voice said to me,”What do you see?” And I said,”People of all colors doing things together”.And another voice said “Do you see any niggers?” And I said,”No!”. And the voice said “Do you know why?”. And I said(whispering),”No”. And it said,”There aren’t any…”.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Casino regulators got items meant for Katrina victims

Yeah you heard right and to be honest this is why America is in such disarray.. WTF!!!! Revolution is on the horizan and nothing can stop it...
A CNN investigation revealed in June that for two years after Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency stored 121 truckloads of household items that were purchased or donated for Katrina victims. FEMA eventually declared the items surplus, saying it was too expensive to keep warehousing them, and then offered them to federal agencies and states.

Sixteen states, including storm-ravaged Mississippi, took the items. However, CNN discovered that those items were given to the 11 state agencies, schools, cities and fire departments rather than being distributed to residents trying to rebuild their homes.

Leaders of nonprofit groups helping Katrina victims were astounded when CNN showed them photos of the FEMA supplies. All said they were unaware that such supplies were available.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jessie Jackson.... Ah NUTS!!

"Our people have become the Aligator"

Once again our boy Jesse is in the media and to be honest nothing he does surprises me. Jesse recently accused Barack Obama of "talking down to black people." All I can say to Jessie is take a vacation.. Go somewhere please. I can care less just be out of sight out of mind.
Judge Marvin Arrington should get some light instead of hate by folks like Jesse.. Judge Marvin Arrington is on tour with Mr. Cosby telling the black community that they need to wake up... Unfortunately they are getting a lot of bad press because as the black powers to be are airing our dirty laundry..
I just do not get it, honestly I believe someone put something in the grape drink.. Why is it when "white liberals" everything is like cherubs playing a harp.. When someone like Mr. Cosby or Mr. Arrington try to address the problem they become the bad guys. How is it that Mr. Cosby & Mr. Arrington's tour has been dubbed "the bashing of the poor" Honestly I am at a loss for words.. Black People Will You Please WAKE UP!!!!!

Wake Up, Niggers- Last Poets
Night, descends, as the sun's light ends
And black comes back, to blend again
And with the depth of the sun
Night blackness become one
Blackness being you
Peeping through the red, the white, and the blue
Dreaming of bars, black civilizations that once florished and grew
HEY! - WAKE UP, NIGGERS or y'all through!
Drowning in the puddle of the white man's spit
As you pause for some drawers in the midst of shit
And ain't got nothing to save your funky-ass with!
You cool, fool - sipping on a menthol cigarette 'round midnight
Rapping about how the Big Apple is outta sight, when you ain't never had a bite
Who are you fooling? Me, you
Wake up, niggers or ya ALL through!
In Uptown, two roaches are drowned in each other's piss
In Downtown, interracial lovers secretly kiss
While junkies are dreaming of total bliss
Somewhere in the atmospheeeere, far away from heeeeere
Beyond realms of white dimensions, gathered by suppressed intentions
As their CRIES, cries, cries go unrecognized
Except by their keeper, the Grim Reaper
"SAVE ME!, " a carnity shout, as the lights go out
'cause you ain't paid your 'lectric bill
And the rats and roaches move on in for the kill
As your lips struggle the Grain, that last drought from the wine bottle
And you roll snake eyes, never to realizing that you BLEW
WAKE up, niggers or ya all through!
Sitting in the corner with your minds tied to your behinds
Bonafied members of Niggers Anonymous
Never knowing which way you're going - pimpin' off life
Turning tricks to slick dicks, with candy asses
"All masses are behelding a mind mourning for the Late Great black maaaaaaan... "
Black male and farmers, are a-blow you away
And you'll never live to see the light of day
And the nightstick, the nightstick it glides GRACEFULLY upside yo' head
That's right, brothers and sisters, YOU livin' dead
When the cock crows, and the night goes
And it saves your ass in the nick of time
As you wake up and you start to find
Yourself, laying up in bed - scratching your ass in hand
Trying to remember where you recall this veneer nightmare
That always leave you feelin' blue
But you still can't place, The Man face, as hard as you try to

Friday, July 04, 2008

Health Care

Not much can be added to this horrific event were a lady in a medical facility convulsed while dying..... Except peeople should be tried for negliigent homicide and put in a cell with crazyest person that only knows the concept of pain.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bleeding Hearts- Children Safety

I hope some bleeding heart will comment after reading this post... Alan Patton a convicted sex offender is again locked up for shutting the water off in a public bathroom, and placing cups in the urinals to capture urine to drink. . He told Gahanna police that he suffered from urophilia – a sexual fetish involving urine. He also told police that drinking boys’ urine made him feel like he was “ drinking their youth”
I am not sure what is wrong with this man but he was convicted in 94 & served no time and this time he is out on bond at his mother's house. I am passionate when it comes to kids and people of this caliber should be placed in the lower levels of Dante's Divine Comedy. You can tell a country by the value they place on their young and this country is coming up short. I was offered a chance to become a police officer and I knew that it would not be a wise choice because people like Alan Patton or Michael Jacques the man accused of kidnapping a girl... Would not make it out of my squad car on two legs and having the ability to chew food. I am not for killing because that would be to kind. I am for pure unadulterated Hellraiser style torture. I have 5 kids and if anyone puts a perverted hand on them I will take personal pleasure in being the one that makes them suffer.