Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have been troubled this whole week because of the horrific events surrounding two girls (3 & 6) One was raped and hung while the other was raped on video.
Darren Tuck is the man that allegedly found the tape of the girl that was molested. He turn himself in to the authorities because he decided to show the tape to some people.
Tuck's attorney Harry Kuehn said last week on CNN's "Nancy Grace" that Tuck had been "wracked by indecision" as to what to do with the tape once he realized what it was. That is some crap. He knew and should get the 10 years he is facing and then some. His lawyer should have one of his knee caps blown away for making a lame statement like that.
The man in the video is Chester A. Stiles better pray that I do not stubble upon him cause hell is what I would give him.

The six year old Hanna Mack:
the child's half-nude body hanging from the garage rafters. the man accused or thanks to DNA linked is Shaun Earl Arender nuff said....

War on terror how about our kids, find Saddam Hussein in a whole but you cannot protect our kids.
I am on red and all I have to say is if any one of those angels were my child, pain is what the perpetrators would feel. I would take a page from Josef Mengele and introduce them to hell. And if it was one of those priest then he would get crucified in his on church inverted. I am tired of the bleeding heart trying to defend these whack jobs. Trying to befriend the savages. Do not get me wrong rape and murder is wrong on all levels but a child especially that young...To hell with rehabilitation cause they are done and if they stumble upon me they will know how to operate a wheel chair on wind power....
Change the laws and protect the young....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Been A Long Time

Up until this point I had nothing to write about until I step foot in the twilight zone of the school system today. I decided to take on a magna high school, you know the best and the brightest...Well I was fooled or Serling is somewhere laughing hysterically..
First the class that I took was a remedial math class for those kids that will not get diploma. They will receive what is called certificate of completion ie a paper stating they were there. Magna school right? That is not the kicker 95% of the students either had a record (probation) or waiting on their court date. Magna huh...
That is not all of it by a loong shot!!! Their assign consist of questions such as seven hundred forty nine and they had to write as 749 so what the hell is 70049!!!
Kids were proud of being ignorant and sadly if your a fool as a senior 9 out of ten times you'll be a fool unless divine intervention happens ie a rapping in prison not much else will wake that person up.
I love the school in all of it's unsoundness because screams for salvation but back to the story.
There was this creepy detective hanging out all day at this school and at the end of the day there was 4 cop cars and my gas was stolen..... I have heard of movies like Dangerous Mind and I guess it is true that a room full of inner city kids only respond to a white suburbanite. Could be wrong but we'll find out because I am assign to this worm hole the rest of his week and Alice is sitting on that mushroom giggling.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hannah Mack

For you tree hugging no death penalty because everyone can be fixed try this one on for size...
Hannah Mack A 6-year-old girl was found hanged inside her family's garage and had been sexually assaulted before she died.
The first-grader's body was found in a garage in Navarro Mills Lake, about 65 miles south of Dallas.

Who ever this sick person is I would gladly put a bullet in your head then again throw that person in a cell with the most disturbed human that walked the earth and allow that person to suffer until the end of time. When they die throw the carcass out so wild life have something to dine on....

RIP Little Angel May karma snatch that devil up....

9/11 is a Joke

That is how I see it, 'Jena Six' and Katrina(back door lynching) taking place in the same state and now we are being taunted by another video of Osama. People laugh when I say Bush is only playing the fool. You cannot be president and get that far. This jester in the oval office is making a mockery of everything along with this so called tape of the boogie man.
I am not a medical doctor but if you need dialysis and do not get it over a period of time you will die. If a person needs equipment then ho they transport it without anyone knowing about.
Systematically he made a mockery of everything and innocents are dying.
He turned tragedy into a sick joke called 9-11... To hell with Bush and his administration... Vengeance will someday reign upon you and your administration.