Wednesday, September 12, 2007

9/11 is a Joke

That is how I see it, 'Jena Six' and Katrina(back door lynching) taking place in the same state and now we are being taunted by another video of Osama. People laugh when I say Bush is only playing the fool. You cannot be president and get that far. This jester in the oval office is making a mockery of everything along with this so called tape of the boogie man.
I am not a medical doctor but if you need dialysis and do not get it over a period of time you will die. If a person needs equipment then ho they transport it without anyone knowing about.
Systematically he made a mockery of everything and innocents are dying.
He turned tragedy into a sick joke called 9-11... To hell with Bush and his administration... Vengeance will someday reign upon you and your administration.

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