Friday, November 21, 2008

Truancy Officer Final Chapter

I was near cracking.. Almost gave up the code to Am-Tuat. The baptizer pulled me out of the frayed wires and severed the the parasitic relationship with the Machine.
I have left the world that Crow-ley spawn and now that my soul is free the Machine will pay. The Lackey and council cannot touch me anymore. I am no longer feeding the bureaucratic machine with broken brown meat.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Truancy Officer Part 2

I met with lackey of the Council and the eyes of light has diminish. I plead my case and explain my approach but it was to no avail.. Deaf ears and the thunderous disapproval of my work on the grill. My job is to shovel them through the mouth of Dante's womb...
I am behind enemy lines and running out of spaces to hide. I can feel them trying to purge the red juice that keeps me going. My neurons are firing down the highway of confusion. My job is not the family or children, it is the machine... They need to power the machine. Regardless.. Lackey was quite clear that I am at the lower rung of the ladder. Thought is the worst crime ever conceived and is punishable by Erasing.. Not sure what that is but the lackey made sure that machine is not happy and the very act of independent thought is a capital offense..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Truancy Officer

I lied to the Machine when I told that that I took the blue pill... They did not see me switch it out for the red when I signed on to becoming a truancy officer.. The hatchet man, although the Ominous Council put it under the title of family.. Find out why the guppy stray from the school as they put it. I hit the pavement twisting in a jungle filled to the hilt with representatives from the UN. I was feeling high that I was doing the right thing.. That is until that red pill kicked in and reality hit me like humidity in Hell. My job is numbers not kids... Put them through the meat grinder of the judicial system. I govern the brown and destitute.. My tribe.. But it does not matter the Machine needs to be feed and I am slow on the grill. Not slow just aware because the blue pill juices my six sense and I refuse to put brown dots in the digestive system of the Machine.
I have a KGB that wants me taken down and it would of happen years ago but the red juice fuels me... I know the truth about the resurrection.. I must stand before the lackey of the Council and answer for the famine I impose....

Thursday, November 06, 2008


You sold your soul and it is sad.... I decided to remember you in song because I am at a loss for words..... Why is the only thing that comes to mind..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Slavery A Full Circle

There are moments in time when I get emaotional and this one of them. The lady in the picture is Amanda Jones and she is the daughter of a slave... No lie, Amanda is 109 and I am in awe of this Black Madona that binds us to a time forgotten. . Her vote for Obama is much more than a symbolic gesture. I am mad at myself for being consume with idlenesss when I was in Texas because Ms. Jones would of had me knocking on her door with majestic offerings that are suited only for royalty.
Today after leaving a high school full of statistics I shed a tear when I read Ms. Jones's Story. She has endured more than I could ever imagine and seen more than a million dollars could ever buy. Her grandchildren our Black youth have trampled upon those struggles that she had to endure.
Black America do not pull a Million Man March, do not run around for a few days high fiving as if you hit the lotto. Obama is one man in a compromising position. Not taking anything from him but if he is a true student of Wright then Africa and her descendants will start to mend those bridges that had been cut off. For now we shall keep that thought on the back burner.
This is Ms. Anderson's time, more so than Obama....

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well it is final Obama got it and now he has to put up... I congratulate him for his win but it was a no brainer... He was running against a 72 year old and a linguistically challenge vp candidate that are members of a party that is in the league of the Nazi party in terms of reputation. Kudos Obama.....
I am still disturb by Black america's motivation. Black america has been drowning in the bodily fluids of Uncle Sam and they remain silent. If they put the effort that they put into Obama's campaign into the troubles that plague our folks a CHANGE would come... Instead they want someone to lead them and I hate the bad news for them but Obama is a politician. I know he is of African descent but in terms of African americans he did not carry the torch because that is not him. Salvation comes from the bottom up.
I wish Obama well because he has a year to show something...
I must add that is GREAT to have someone that speaks english in white house again...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Glimmer of Hope

With chaos and dirty politics on constant rotation a glimmer of sunshine came in the package of kids rapping about politics. After watching their CNN interview I started to smile. These kids display a level of intelligence that very seldom grace the front page of most newspapers. I encourage you to watch and let the daily troubles take a backseat for a little bit.