Saturday, November 15, 2008

Truancy Officer

I lied to the Machine when I told that that I took the blue pill... They did not see me switch it out for the red when I signed on to becoming a truancy officer.. The hatchet man, although the Ominous Council put it under the title of family.. Find out why the guppy stray from the school as they put it. I hit the pavement twisting in a jungle filled to the hilt with representatives from the UN. I was feeling high that I was doing the right thing.. That is until that red pill kicked in and reality hit me like humidity in Hell. My job is numbers not kids... Put them through the meat grinder of the judicial system. I govern the brown and destitute.. My tribe.. But it does not matter the Machine needs to be feed and I am slow on the grill. Not slow just aware because the blue pill juices my six sense and I refuse to put brown dots in the digestive system of the Machine.
I have a KGB that wants me taken down and it would of happen years ago but the red juice fuels me... I know the truth about the resurrection.. I must stand before the lackey of the Council and answer for the famine I impose....

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