Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Slavery A Full Circle

There are moments in time when I get emaotional and this one of them. The lady in the picture is Amanda Jones and she is the daughter of a slave... No lie, Amanda is 109 and I am in awe of this Black Madona that binds us to a time forgotten. . Her vote for Obama is much more than a symbolic gesture. I am mad at myself for being consume with idlenesss when I was in Texas because Ms. Jones would of had me knocking on her door with majestic offerings that are suited only for royalty.
Today after leaving a high school full of statistics I shed a tear when I read Ms. Jones's Story. She has endured more than I could ever imagine and seen more than a million dollars could ever buy. Her grandchildren our Black youth have trampled upon those struggles that she had to endure.
Black America do not pull a Million Man March, do not run around for a few days high fiving as if you hit the lotto. Obama is one man in a compromising position. Not taking anything from him but if he is a true student of Wright then Africa and her descendants will start to mend those bridges that had been cut off. For now we shall keep that thought on the back burner.
This is Ms. Anderson's time, more so than Obama....

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