Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have not posted in sometime because I was in the blue. Not in a postal way just tired of the crap that has been constantly thrown by the monkeys in the media. When I saw this video posted below the gates open.
This world is chaotic and unfortunately those that have their hands on the sensory deprivation button is scaring the bejesus out of the masses. Those that do not fear the boogie man are going nuts because we know Santa does not exist.
Laws of attraction is true but no one seems to listen, what a person puts into their life is what they are going to get. The other day I was talking to one of the supervisors at the shelter that I work at about the need to get the residents some books not a 42'' TV and she replied that most of them cannot read. What is crazy is that she is black (African American for you sensitive types) and she could not come up with the logical conclusion that the reason for the abysmal success rate of this institution is that they fail to teach logic. An illiterate addict is a ticking time bomb because they will relapse when they are met with failure. I just shook my head and smiled while internally going "damn" cause majority of the residents are black. She is not the only contributor to the people in treatment facility but I would assume a person may have little compassion for their own.
I do let it discourage me I talk to those that are not in the "know" sometimes they listen other times they prefer to stager through life’s obstacle course oh well as the song points "You Do Your Thing" I am doing mine regardless what life throws at me. Life’s been too good and blessed me with a wonderful wife, children and family.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Stay true to who you are and everything will manifest. To many times people of slave descent have been taking it up the keester by false messiahs and gods. They have become blind by the words that ooze from the pours of the vultures that feed off their hopes and fears. I pray that a descendant of a slave or an American Indian makes it to the White House then we will know that a change has happen.
It is time to pull those blinders off the eyes of the fallen and bring them to the light of reason and realize that our world is just that "our world" meaning "self" which interact with other worlds which in turn means that everyone is entitle to something but that something is up to that person.
Love one another but not at the cost of your dignity.

Jeru The Damaja - Me or The Papes

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am having some problems posting videos, I decided on a poem...

While being reborn
I see the lies of Benedict
And gladly Drench myself
in the blood of the pope
I'm not sure the reason for this agony
Cause I thought Mathematics was the
Cure instead of the disease
My blindness removed by
the spittle of the
Tatter remains of themessiah
Under the protection of the angel wings of Isis
My resurrection is complete
I am that fifth horseman that governs
Knowledge of the righteous
Man, Woman and Child
They are out there scrapping at your marrow
Only through the eye of Ra and the insight of Horus sight
Could Osiris be allowed through the
eyes of the prophets
Can you see man the Pope is the key
A Nazi in disguise just read between the lies
the bastardise trinity is
in the White House just look at them
The lies you must see
study &

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hopefully this country will have a peace march instead of an anti-war march because peace would be the focus instead of war... I know go hug a tree but I am tired of the media coverage over this war. Only a small percentage is sacrificing. No one is being asked to sacrifice something as folks did during WWII; everyone is still spending money on crap produced overseas. I would like this madness to end but until then we need someone that can handle a grudge match. Imagine Rudy Giuliani suplexing Hilary or Obama making Edwards tap out.. Man that would be one election worth betting on.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes

I am not in Obama's corner just dug this youtube promo.

Vote Different

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A jury in Miami has begun hearing evidence on whether convicted child killer John Couey should get the death penalty... This sick man kidnap and raped a nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford, who was then buried alive. Her body was found three weeks later.
Now the lawyer wants to say that the guy is retarded because he has a 64 IQ and also his sister came forward and said he had a bad childhood.
Well, I am not for sending this guy to the chamber... That is to kind, I believe that he and his lawyers should be sent to Rikers Island were a select choice of inmates are allowed to violate them in any way as long as they do not die. How can anyone run to the defense of this monster. He is lucky that Jessica is not my child cause I would unleash hell. There would be no trial cause no body would be found....
Another sad moment is some cat in NYC mugged and beat up a 101 yr old and 81 yr old ladies.... I hope NYPD pulls out the plunger this guy.

Friday, March 09, 2007

There Is a Higher Power- OH happy 50th Osama

Oh man... This month is on point so far and the best part "Oil In Cuba" Chock on that 45-year-old embargo Uncle Sam. Estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey at 4.6 billion barrels, nearly two-thirds the amount in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...
I am not good at math but we may invade Cuba now since black blood is being spilled.
Another milestone good ol Uncle Osama turn 50 and he is still holding down the underground scene. Come on Bush we know you called him to sing happy "b" day.
Bush has a stalker and no it is not Condi hell.. Well we'll just let they lay there for now. Chavez in true Muhammad Ali fashion has been shadowing Bush. Chavez plans to be in Bolivia while the American leader is in nearby Colombia. And when Bush is in Guatemala, Chavez will be not far away in Haiti. "Chavez Boma Ye" I would love to seem them two in a ring, better yet a good ol' fashion cage match. That would be worth some popcorn time.
While all this is going on in LUBBOCK, Texas - A woman posing as a medical worker kidnapped a three-day-old infant from a hospital early Saturday, police said. It was the second hospital abduction in Lubbock in less than a year. In June, a newborn at a different hospital was taken by a woman who had visited the baby's mother. A tip led to the woman's whereabouts the next day and she took police to the 5-day-old girl.
If anyone notices a woman fitting the description listed below.... I will leave that up to you cause stuff like this need to be dealt with accordingly ie Abu Ghraib .

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So far this month has been interesting. Anna is buried while the Godfather is on ice. Banks fondling someone on her show and Yeshua (Jesus for you Gentiles) family tree has came into questioning. Personally I can care less if JC got it on with someone and shot out a junior. Hell there is not enough info on the cat and I am surprise that someone did not say the reason why you cannot find out about the bones dad is because you cannot dna test the big kahuna ie God since that was allege pops.
This type of stuff in the media is why the majority are pushing atrophy of the brain.A child died from a tooth infection because of poor health care system. The hospital for wounded soldiers that is suppose to be the flagship has pissed on those that sacrifice in the name of this country. Honestly I am amazed at the garbage that is out there and how much the population has consume.
On a side note I must give props to Stephon Marbury he is putting his name behind a pair of $15 basketball shoes that are constructed using the same materials as the other top-end basketball sneakers on the market, said Howard Schacter, chief partnership officer for Steve & Barry’s. Why did I mention him well in the era of Jordan and those $100 plus shoes, I like a cat(Stephon) that is up for making quality shoes at a reasonable price. Besides those Jordans are made overseas at 5 bucks a pop so f@ck Mike....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mom Accused of Selling Baby for Car

Okay after a disappointing black month, March keeps the madness rolling. I had to show the parties pictures because they deserve something what I am not sure... Deportation possibly.
PUEBLO, Colorado Irene Lerma is being held on $50,000 bond. Police say she, and her husband Jose-Juan, purchased a 5-month-old infant from 23-year old Nicole Uribe. The price $1500 dollars--damn!! Out of the three only Jose-Juanis is legal.
I am not going to use this as a platform for immigration because Bush and his posse needs to be deported to WASP island. I just do not get how people have such a disregard for their child's life. I would fight death before I give up my kids. These people regardless of who they are need to get there ass beat. Well Nicole Uribe and her foolish husband need a good middle east flogging. Irene and Jose may have been doing that child a favor, if that women was willing to get rid of her child for $1500 god knows what she may have been willingly to do for cash. With that in mind send Nicole Uribe back not by boat but make her walk back to Mexico, hell maybe she would think twice the next time she drops another kid and the folks that want the child give full citizenship to the hopeful mother and child but keep them on a survalence if they mess up adios....