Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mom Accused of Selling Baby for Car

Okay after a disappointing black month, March keeps the madness rolling. I had to show the parties pictures because they deserve something what I am not sure... Deportation possibly.
PUEBLO, Colorado Irene Lerma is being held on $50,000 bond. Police say she, and her husband Jose-Juan, purchased a 5-month-old infant from 23-year old Nicole Uribe. The price $1500 dollars--damn!! Out of the three only Jose-Juanis is legal.
I am not going to use this as a platform for immigration because Bush and his posse needs to be deported to WASP island. I just do not get how people have such a disregard for their child's life. I would fight death before I give up my kids. These people regardless of who they are need to get there ass beat. Well Nicole Uribe and her foolish husband need a good middle east flogging. Irene and Jose may have been doing that child a favor, if that women was willing to get rid of her child for $1500 god knows what she may have been willingly to do for cash. With that in mind send Nicole Uribe back not by boat but make her walk back to Mexico, hell maybe she would think twice the next time she drops another kid and the folks that want the child give full citizenship to the hopeful mother and child but keep them on a survalence if they mess up adios....

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