Friday, March 09, 2007

There Is a Higher Power- OH happy 50th Osama

Oh man... This month is on point so far and the best part "Oil In Cuba" Chock on that 45-year-old embargo Uncle Sam. Estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey at 4.6 billion barrels, nearly two-thirds the amount in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge...
I am not good at math but we may invade Cuba now since black blood is being spilled.
Another milestone good ol Uncle Osama turn 50 and he is still holding down the underground scene. Come on Bush we know you called him to sing happy "b" day.
Bush has a stalker and no it is not Condi hell.. Well we'll just let they lay there for now. Chavez in true Muhammad Ali fashion has been shadowing Bush. Chavez plans to be in Bolivia while the American leader is in nearby Colombia. And when Bush is in Guatemala, Chavez will be not far away in Haiti. "Chavez Boma Ye" I would love to seem them two in a ring, better yet a good ol' fashion cage match. That would be worth some popcorn time.
While all this is going on in LUBBOCK, Texas - A woman posing as a medical worker kidnapped a three-day-old infant from a hospital early Saturday, police said. It was the second hospital abduction in Lubbock in less than a year. In June, a newborn at a different hospital was taken by a woman who had visited the baby's mother. A tip led to the woman's whereabouts the next day and she took police to the 5-day-old girl.
If anyone notices a woman fitting the description listed below.... I will leave that up to you cause stuff like this need to be dealt with accordingly ie Abu Ghraib .

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