Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So far this month has been interesting. Anna is buried while the Godfather is on ice. Banks fondling someone on her show and Yeshua (Jesus for you Gentiles) family tree has came into questioning. Personally I can care less if JC got it on with someone and shot out a junior. Hell there is not enough info on the cat and I am surprise that someone did not say the reason why you cannot find out about the bones dad is because you cannot dna test the big kahuna ie God since that was allege pops.
This type of stuff in the media is why the majority are pushing atrophy of the brain.A child died from a tooth infection because of poor health care system. The hospital for wounded soldiers that is suppose to be the flagship has pissed on those that sacrifice in the name of this country. Honestly I am amazed at the garbage that is out there and how much the population has consume.
On a side note I must give props to Stephon Marbury he is putting his name behind a pair of $15 basketball shoes that are constructed using the same materials as the other top-end basketball sneakers on the market, said Howard Schacter, chief partnership officer for Steve & Barry’s. Why did I mention him well in the era of Jordan and those $100 plus shoes, I like a cat(Stephon) that is up for making quality shoes at a reasonable price. Besides those Jordans are made overseas at 5 bucks a pop so f@ck Mike....

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