Friday, March 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have not posted in sometime because I was in the blue. Not in a postal way just tired of the crap that has been constantly thrown by the monkeys in the media. When I saw this video posted below the gates open.
This world is chaotic and unfortunately those that have their hands on the sensory deprivation button is scaring the bejesus out of the masses. Those that do not fear the boogie man are going nuts because we know Santa does not exist.
Laws of attraction is true but no one seems to listen, what a person puts into their life is what they are going to get. The other day I was talking to one of the supervisors at the shelter that I work at about the need to get the residents some books not a 42'' TV and she replied that most of them cannot read. What is crazy is that she is black (African American for you sensitive types) and she could not come up with the logical conclusion that the reason for the abysmal success rate of this institution is that they fail to teach logic. An illiterate addict is a ticking time bomb because they will relapse when they are met with failure. I just shook my head and smiled while internally going "damn" cause majority of the residents are black. She is not the only contributor to the people in treatment facility but I would assume a person may have little compassion for their own.
I do let it discourage me I talk to those that are not in the "know" sometimes they listen other times they prefer to stager through life’s obstacle course oh well as the song points "You Do Your Thing" I am doing mine regardless what life throws at me. Life’s been too good and blessed me with a wonderful wife, children and family.

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