Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I am having some problems posting videos, I decided on a poem...

While being reborn
I see the lies of Benedict
And gladly Drench myself
in the blood of the pope
I'm not sure the reason for this agony
Cause I thought Mathematics was the
Cure instead of the disease
My blindness removed by
the spittle of the
Tatter remains of themessiah
Under the protection of the angel wings of Isis
My resurrection is complete
I am that fifth horseman that governs
Knowledge of the righteous
Man, Woman and Child
They are out there scrapping at your marrow
Only through the eye of Ra and the insight of Horus sight
Could Osiris be allowed through the
eyes of the prophets
Can you see man the Pope is the key
A Nazi in disguise just read between the lies
the bastardise trinity is
in the White House just look at them
The lies you must see
study &

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