Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our Children

Once again the court system fell short in keeping a child molester in jail. Aaron Mohanlal molested a seventh-grade boy. What confuses me is that the judge granted Aaron Mohanlal a rare bond that allows him to remain free while his case is tried on appeal, a process that could take years.
And there was evidence that Mohanlal was grooming other children. One middle-schooler told police that Mohanlal rubbed his arms and back during class; another testified at trial that his teacher gave him his cell phone number, money and hair conditioner.
What is sick is that the court order to stay away from his victim did not include other kids.. In other words this sick individual can move freely among children...
What is said is that the father is asking the court for a logical explanation when he should have exerted that energy for the eradication of that sick "sob" If that child was mine the court would not have to worry about justice and to be hones I believe the judge behaved like this in order to get justice right... If the child was mine then Mohanlal would learn what hell is... When we fail to protect our young then we doom our future...

Check out the court papers

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