Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mixed Up

Today I have reached my boiling point. Tyra 30 pounds heavier. Who cares she is 5'10" my guess is that she is much healthier now at 160 instead of struggling to keep the twig look. Obama might have attended a Islamic militant school when he was 7... I am sure his school at that time was no worse than the school that produced our militant president. Child Molester got life and he is 65, I guess better late than never. Some horse was put to sleep and the media showed the owner in tears. Rich folks are strange. Leading restaurant association is mad at Kevin Federline over a commercial were he posed as a fast food worker... I guess they never saw Clerks2. I guess with all the bs in the media the populace has lost site of what the two men pictured above were trying to accomplish. Today our school systems resemble fallujah but no one seems to care. A caste system is in place rather a person would like to believe or not. How else do you explain Bush getting elected?
This world is spinning out of control due to the dye caste by the power elite. We need to take up the banner of social change and demand an explanation for the carnage that the unholy trinity dick, bush & condi have caused.

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