Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two Things of Importance

Ronald Regan, Christopher Reeve, Arthur Ashe are just a few that have suffered at the hands of fundamentalist that believe in a backward ideology towards science. The war on drugs should be conducted in a laboratory. The war should be waged against injuries, insurance companies,health care and ailments that create great suffering. The illegal drugs that we here about are not important unless we bring charges against this government for it’s involvement in the drug trade ie crack sounds familiar.
It perplexes me that this country once boasts cutting edge technology is now following the lead of warmongers and backward rulers of the dak ages. 300billion plus this country has spent on a false war and a bs homicide trial of a once comrade.
What will it take for this administration to own up and realize that injuries and illness such as spinal chord and Alzheimer is not a curse from god(I honestly believe they think this) I believe we should inflict various injuries and diseases upon these money hungry devils then, possibly we could get some results in the science community. Also we need to bring the insurance companies and health care on charges of crime against humanity. To many people have suffered at inaccessible health care. This country has strayed from the concept of for the people and by the people. Instead we have a caste system that allows idiots to take the helm and direct us straight to hell.
Again this administration has jerked of so much money that the citizens of this country are suffering. There are schools that have become war zones and people dying from things that should not be.
I hope that our next administration leads this country out of the dark ages. If they continue the same path then this country will crash and burn.

2nd item of importance
John Edwards has launched is presidential bid. I normally do not go with a possible presidential nominee from the two main parties. I find myself rooting for the guy. One thing I like is that he admits that he voted on the war and tries not to play the "Bush lied to me" scenario. Here are some other things as well:
He wanted to take incremental steps on health care then, but is working on a universal plan now. He's become even more populist in his rhetoric; at an event in Pittsburgh in August for the labor-backed group Wake Up Wal-Mart, he railed against the retailer for not offering its employees better wages or health insurance. While in 2004 he described the problems of poverty, now he has a massive, expensive agenda to get Americans out of poverty, which would include creating one million federally funded jobs at non-profits or government agencies, $500 saving accounts for low-income workers and making the first year of college free for students who agree to take part-time jobs.
I know that this could be smoke but after seeing him in his debate against Cheney, I honestly believe he was the better candidate in the entire race.
My opinion of Obama, my gut says he is a nice guy besides that and the fact he is biracial or black(whatever he considers himself) does not strike me as a good candidate at this point and I hope he does not side with the jackal(Hilary)... That would be a step away from signing your soul to the devil. Besides we had her for eight years and I believe that is enough. The other star is Rudolph W. Giuliani two words Amadou Diallo.,8599,1573215,00.html

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