Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today I have bombarded with images of Suzzane Summers crying about her home in Malibu. Also the media kept reinforcing a brand of heart tugging which I did not get. This is Malibu we're talking about, I can care less about some rich folks and the stuff burning. Again America has shown were its heart is. I have not heard anything about the debacle of Katrina or what the government will do to compensate. Summers and the rest of the Malibu residents so fucking what.
Why should I care, give me one reason why my eyes should water. Bunch of rich folks homes burned.... The only thing that would bring water to my eyes is if it were the masses of the Union were bringing heat two the White House.
Today the media feeds off ignorance, no one wants to air the truth. They (media) would rather pump you full of novacaine.
The tribe of Lazarus is alive and well it is the majority of the United States. The majority which jumps on any band wagon without reading between the lines has led this country down a slipper slope of chaos. Until those that have been in the dark been fully illuminated, people will continue to die without reason wars will go on without the true perpetrators brought to justice. Revolution is change rather violent or not but eventually blood will have to be shed in order for progress to continue. The writing is on the wall and people will soon have to evaluate what is valuable.

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