Monday, October 30, 2006

election time

I am tired of Ford and the racism card being tossed. I have not found anything that would label him a black leader. Just go to Memphis and you'll see the true meaning of chaos. His family made money by being the only "colored" funeral home and interestingly they barley looked "colored" which helped out as well.
My idea black president.... I do not have one yet, except that he would not be a paper one.
I am tired of people tossing race around has anyone learned from OJ.

I do not like this administration and Bush is not that foolish.. Bush and his bed of thieves should be flogged. They bow to the golden calf and prance around your face singing hymns of Jesus. Condi is nothing more than a … hell I do not know but she turns my stomach. Rumsfield what was your meeting with Sadam back in the 80's about? Dick is just dirty and you know were that joke is going.
We need to look beyond the bs the media is feeding us. We need to wonder why this country is behind others in education, health & science. The answer is simple, look at our representatives and you'll find people that are two steps from book burning and put in play an educational system based on misinterpreted religion. After the 60s you find that generation slowly becoming assimilated by the things they stood against. This proves that the best way to change something is not from the inside but from the outside. Revolution is just around the corner and you need to decide who you will shed your blood for.

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