Monday, October 16, 2006


I am tired of the misguided portrait of Pac. He is not a good representative of the ghetto. He was not some revolutionary; he was a self inventive actor that incorporated other people’s lives. He was a good artist but he does not represent the masses of disenfranchise blacks of the ghetto. His death was not an assassination... He got shot for believing his on myth. Sadly there are some artists that I respect that promote the myth of Pac being a "Che" or Huey P.
Jam Master Jay is a tragic case, I have read drug accusations and a possible link of beef another label had with 50cent led to Lay's death. What ever the case may be he was not trying to live a stereotype in the media... He was trying to reach out to those youths that do not have a voice.
Unfortunately this thing in hip hop called "beef" is the slave mentality taken to whole new level. Two millionaires do not war but unify into a stronger organization. Biggie & Pac are the poster children for ignorance.
I love music and open to anything but foolishness I am not. The media wants to pant Hip Hop/Rap into an art form hell-bent on corrupting the youth. If an artist is going multi-platinum it is not the ghetto that supporting the artist records sales. Look at the "burbs" Today rappers are the jazz musicians of yesterday. It was fine when it was a novelty but the moment a kid in an affluent community wants a trumpet like Miles or a turn table like Jay then it is corrupting the fabric of America along with same sex marriages.
Music is an important form of expression regardless the title and allowing the media to pide pipe the masses into a Novocain state nothing will ever get accomplish.

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