Monday, October 23, 2006

Holiday Blues"(

I swear lately holidays are focused on the commercialized side and not the traditions. I have been waiting patiently for the Great Pumpkin… Actually I have been like a broke person standing in front of an atm at midnight waiting for that direct deposit. I am far from a religious nut but I respect all holidays especially those that get me off of work. Seriously last year I came to that conclusion when the Drummer Boy, Rudolph, Jack Frost, Charlie Brown and my main man Frosty barely got any prime time, now that I think of it I did not get a chance to shed a tear last year when Frosty was locked in that greenroom and cheer when he is bought back….
Now I am really ticked I can not find the Great Pumpkin on tv!!!!! I have had popcorn and cookies on standby for a while.
I believe our society priorities are screwed up, last year people actually changed the words to Silent Night and went from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. I am far from being Religious but the so call "free love" generation has ruined the holidays for everyone. The holidays are for the kids and it is that one special time were we can be one as well. Every where I look it is the mighty dollar that is being pushed and not the basic fundamentals of having fun. I believe that if anyone that is oppose to Christmas or any holiday should not benefit from the free time. It is hypocritical in my eyes.
Another thing before I forget PARENTS it is not the kid that choose the gift. PARENTS you empower corporate America when you measure the gift in terms of price. Instead of getting your ten year old a PSP get that child something that stimulate the imagination. Try a spy kit or maybe a musical instrument.
Anything that gets that electrical activity going.Oh and one other thing stop setting your kids rooms up to look like a mini studio apartment. You wonder why most kids want to stay at home, try setting them up with a savings account instead.

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