Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gay Marriage

They are ruining our family values. The Christian fabric is under attack by these heathens... I wonder if these people of good moral standing would be so quick to quote the King James if they knew he was "gay” Yep, he was and I find it odd that the man responsible for further twisting the words of Yeshua (while further purging the baptizer) and changing everyone’s outlook on the bible was gay. Oh there is some theories that say Saul aka Paul was gay as well. He was a Roman by citizenship and when in Rome...
I am tired of people bashing folks for the sake of numbing the pain of ignorance. Hispanics are the largest ethnic minorities, by stating this without using the word ethnic is equivalent to saying all Asians look a like.
The pied piper is among us, the war on terror is the money war fueled by the blood of the innocence. Election time should be a time to destabilize the two monopolizes that have a firm grip on Uncle Sam's throat. When ballots stop being erased will we have true democracy.
Back to the original topic, Gay marriage I say let them. This country is being fed to the wolves rather Tom and Bob want to get married is irrelevant. I challenge any one to set me straight. Look at Yeshuas words not the Old Testament that is not your book and not Paul because he is a closet case that never knew Yeshua.
Find the prophets true words and you’ll realize a man with a strong influence that understands the true temple is the body which houses the soul. Ritualize worshipping is not the true stairway to nirvana, it is the strong intimacy between that person & every sentient beings.


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