Thursday, December 14, 2006


In Florida Diaz was executed Wednesday for the 1979 murder of the manager of a Miami topless bar.
The execution went terribly wrong, in stead of the normal (if you call getting put to sleep like a dog normal) usually takes 15min. this time it took 30. According to witnesses moments after the chemicals began flowing, Diaz blinked several times and appeared to be mouthing words. Shortly afterwards it was apparent by his facial expression that sleep business was not according. At 24 min. They gave him a second dose and eventually he died. I know most of you would say who cares and to be honest I do see a need for the death penalty under extreme conditions for example Charlie Manson. There is a fine line between sanity and madness. Besides Diaz killed a manager of a strip bar, the circumstances may be tainted considering the establishment.
Why I am so angry is because the government is concern Omar Abdel-Rahman aka the Blind Sheik’s health. He was the one behind the first World Trade Center bombing (he did have some help from Osama. The man is no doubt an incarnate of evil but the fear is that his death may trigger some retaliation on American soil. Although some experts say it is likely nothing will happen and the spin doctors will take care of that.
What I do not get is that the Shiek got life and Manson got life but a man that kills a manager of strip bar gets death? I know each state has its on set of rules which leads me to seeing the United States as a country of mini countries. Each is its own sovereign entity to an extent only held together in the fabric of the Constitution. Why is my tax dollars going to a terrorist and psychopath?
My opinion is to take a page from the Nazis and make Shiek suffer and use some of Stalin’s tactics and give Manson what he deserves. America fails to take care of it’s own citizens. I never could understand how a person gets the death penalty and others do not. Some say lawyers and others say karma. The sad thing is that we have people that live in war zones and live under the constant fear of a death sentence being dealt. Quite possibly the “spin doctors” keep our minds on issues that I mention in order to keep our focus off the bigger picture that is the spawn of the rich will continue to thrive while the rest struggle for a piece of American Pie.

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