Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday I was asked why 666 and instructed that I may deter people from looking at my blog. I merely say fuck that. I am not catering to weak minded people. If someone has a problem I am a click away. I never had a target group in mind and possibly I may be witting in vain. So be it!!! I am not trying to make money and when my book is published the same rules apply.

If someone has a problem with my user name oh well. To answer the question at the beginning of the post the answer is simple, my name means "man of victory" and the infamous 666 does not need any explanation to the not so free Christian world. Do the math. Do not get it twisted I did not eat the body or drink the blood.
Although I have thought about a snuff film with Condoleezza Rice but we'll see what is in the mix. Since the government has involved us in a legalized snuff film, i.e. Iraq and Hurricane Katrina, I believe we should have Condi star in her very own, along with the rest of the Bush administration.

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