Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lesson In Love

I learn a lesson in love the other night while working. As noted earlier I work at a homeless shelter that deals primarily with people that have substance abuse. While I was working a gentleman came to the door and asked if he and his wife could stay the night out of the cold. Being new and freshly out of the military I stated that after 8pm the only people that we can take in are those bout by metro for detox. I gave them some sandwiches and told them sorry (man I am going to burn)
Later that night I saw them standing outside the gate and I looked at him and his wife, all I could do is say ok. The reason for me going against the grain is because I was moved by their love for each other. They are in their 50s but due to the harsh life of the streets they look much older and one step from the grave. I was impressed and in awe of them. Here they are struggling, battling various ailments and they are passionate in the way they help each other maneuver. I guess what got me is that you have people in this world that have more than them but fail at matrimonial bliss. Anyway I said ok but I had to do a makeshift setting for them out of the way of prying eyes. Another rule is that couples cannot be in the facility at the same time. No one has ever explained the logic of this rule to me. The next morning I notice he had a hernia or something causing his stomach to stick out and it was sad because being in the elements in poor health only shortens a persons life expectancy. He had problems standing up but his wife in her frail state gain strength from somewhere and helped him before I could assist. I got them some sandwiches and watched them slip out before I woke up the residents or the oncoming staff arrived.
I guess what my point is that those of us that have so much more than them should take a lesson in love from them. They do no have anything not a pot to piss in but they chose to stay with each other and adhere to the sacred for better or worse. To me that is the epitome of true love.

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