Friday, December 01, 2006


I am tired of the debate over who had it worse the Jews, Blacks or American Indians. That is like trying to get apple juice from an orange. These incidents in human history are horrific. The all got the short end of the stick. One had their history stripped from them, another had their land stolen and almost removed from history at the same time and the other lost six million by modern technology.
I am tired of people painting the Jews as the ones that had it worse than anyone else in history. They rebounded quite well and have a rich history for a foundation to stand on. What happen to them was a great injustice but people seem to forget that Stalin was into exterminating the Jews. Since he was part of the allies that went up against the original Axis of Evil it got swept under the table.
I believe what happen to the three are a prime example of evil incarnate. No one should be debating over this, what should be discussed is how to prevent it from happening again. No matter how you paint the picture it is disgusting which brings me to the last picture below. I would like to beat him with that chain. To many people died for this fool to perpetuate ignorance. I hope we could by pass this ignorance and focus on our real enemy the ones on capital hill. I could not find any pictures showing the horrific events which happen to the Indigenous Nations of the Americas but if you would like to see who is one of the people responsible for their near extermination just look at the face on the $20 bill.

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