Friday, December 15, 2006

Sanity and Rant

Florida, California Suspend Executions!!! Better late is a poor phrase, I'll just say what happen besides the screw up of Florida. Interestingly a federal judge in California extended a moratorium on executions, declaring that the state's method of lethal injection violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. They claim that the 2005 execution in which guards failed to connect a back-up intravenous line to Stanley "Tookie" Williams, the former Crips gang leader who garnered global publicity after writing anti-gang books was lurking in their conscious... I do not by it Swartz had something to prove or satisfy (power structure)
I am still amazed that when someone screws up what Fogel refers to as "far kinder than that suffered by the victims of capital crimes"
I am surprise that they cared about putting minorities down like a dog. I am glad that they have done that but if they want to bring a smile to my face then they would snatch up Carolyn Holloway Bryant the lady that sentence Emmet Til to a horrible death I do not care how old she is. Diaz or Tookie should have been sharing that cocktail with her. Then again putting that bitch to sleep would be to kind. Maybe well.. I will keep those thoughts to myself. She and her family are lucky time travel is not a reality because I would see justice is served since the very system that guarantees us or rights failed and a mother had to bury her child.

Before I forget ignorant blacks that have been killing their neighborhoods should be given the slave treatment. I would love to have these want to be gangsters taken out into the cotton field given the slave treatment. I am tired of seeing blacks do the Klan work . I am tired of people bashing Michael Richards. Yeah it is messed up but I am tired of people jumping on the "black" band wagon. The black community is perpetuating the stereotypes and the so call leaders fuck 'em because they are garbage. They are relics that have lost touch with reality. The true killer of blacks these days is other blacks. The same goes for any other culture ie each race has a tendency to kill their own although I admit there are exceptions but we’re in the here and now.

I am glad that they have decided to reevaluate a system that seems to swallow up minorities.

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