Thursday, December 21, 2006


Recently I separated from the navy and was slapped with a heaping pile of bureaucracy and incompetence. My duty station was PSD Memphis, Personnel Support Detachment (place were you get all your admin stuff done) and I figured since I was one of the staff my stuff should be taken care of. Man I was fooling myself first the person(PS2 eberle) in charge of my paperwork in charge of paper work had my discharge papers incorrect and fail to mail them to me in time. Second, I am still technically on active duty although I am not getting paid the system got me serving. SHe has not completely processed me out of the navy. Crazy... This also affects rolling my 401 over (yes the military has a 401 it is called tsp. Oh they have not gotten rid of the normal do twenty and get a check either) or if I want to cash it in, which I plan on doing cause the book Start Late and Finish Rich has given me a few ideas and with the holidays a few extra gifts can be under the tree. I have called every office within my old command to figure what and how. The down side is that since I am staff eberle is the only person that can do my paper work. Now I found out someone else is assign(they are not sure who/whom it is), the reason for having a specific person to do in house business is to cut down on possible corruption and make things run efficiently. The problem I have is that I was the only person separating at that time. There was not much pressure. Then I realize there is no I in bureaucracy or love in incompetence. Now it is the holiday and the joy I was looking forward to i.e. loot for some extra presents is not there. I know the holiday is about the meaning behind the gift but this is the first time that it has been this tight. Am I pissed...? Fuck yeah because people that fail to do their job is my main pet peeve. Is this a warning when you're doing business with PSD Memphis (Millington) you beat. Anytime a place of operation smiles in their comrades face, shakes their hand and leaves them out to dry is someone that you cannot trust and I would not feel comfortable allowing my experience go unheard. I must add that it is bureaucracy that allows this to happen. Thanks eberle and PSD Memphis for a screw job well done.

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