Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I've been thinking
I have failed
The difference is that
They do not run me
Failure drives me
Through the divine phallus of the
I ejaculate
Pure will to succeed
A coward alloys
The abyss of failure to govern them
Love, hate war, death, greed fear
Generate from failure
Success is that internal
Flame that governs its affects

Why is it that people have the need to force their presence on others???? I never could understand how people feel that they have the right when not asked for their opinion. I am a person of peace (to a certain extent)
This very idea could reflect with the world today. The earth is flat meaning technology allows faster communication and the overlapping of money in the pockets of blood thirsty devils make everyone in politics strange bed fellows. Donald Rumsfeld gave Saddam Hussein the WMDs that killed the Kurds although it was meant for Iran. Oh and the wonderful Iran-Contra scandal. I am not some conspiracy buff but I could never understand why people are shocked at political scandal... Are we that blind that we cannot see beyond the grassy knoll?
Another beef I have is the whole Bill Clinton was the first black president garbage. He is a snake, have you notice relationship with BushI. I admit that he is blacker than Condoleezza Rice but that is similar to comparing off white with cream.
My manifesto is the TRUTH, we need to realize their is no fat man name Santa and December 25 is a pagan holiday (along with Easter)
We need to stop looking at two parties for guidance and slit the the throat of the golden calf.....

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