Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Night

I watched the documentary on Hurricane Katrina and I am still appauled at the politicks. I cannot believe Bush is that stupid.... Planes were over the Middle East in matter of seconds under the banner the new crusade... Maddnes.
Another one of my pet peeves is this 250K statue built in Memphis. It is a replica of the Statue of liberty the only difference is that she catrries a cross and the ten commandments. What ticks me off is that the church Memphis is in the running for #1 murder capital in the U.S., the police are corrupt which reflects the merchandise being spewed out of the vein of educational system.
I understand what pushes a person to that grassy knoll.... Mehmet Ali Agca we need to send you to the steps of the White House....

While being reborn
I see the lies of the Vatican
and D.C.
And gladly Drench myself
in the blood of the Seven-Headed Dragon
I'm not sure the reason for this agony
Cause I thought Mathematics was the
Cure instead of the disease
My blindness has been cured by the spittle of the
Tatter and reborn messiah
Under the protection of the angel wings of Isis
I resurrect my internal damnation
and enter Baphomet's gate
For battle
I am that fifth horseman that governs
Knowledge of the righteous
They are out there
Scrapping at your marrow
Only through the eye of Ra and the insight of Horus
Could Osiris be allowed through the will of Allah
the Pope is the key
A Nazi in disguise just read between the lies
look at the sky
the bastardise trinity is in the White House just look at them
The lies you must see

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