Sunday, August 27, 2006

Terrorism In Our Backyard

Hezbollah was out the next day giving funds to the people of Lebanon. A year later here in the good ol USA victims of hurricane Katrina are still trying to clean the stench of Uncle Sam's defecation.
Hezbollah means the Party of God and by their actions they have one up on Bush ie the Christ president claiming to talk to God.
Here in the United States we have problems in our schools, homes & community. It is not because of people crossing the border. My Latino brothers are the niggers of the millennium. They are facing the same racist ideology that the Irish, Germans, Jewish and all other folks that were birth on these shores.
I believe we need to storm the White House by any means and demand George, Condi, Dick & Rumsfield be held on charges equivalent of war crimes for the chaos and senseless deaths of the innocents lost in the sand and on the cost. I cannot understand why we sit idly by while rapture fanatics pump us full of fear.

7th seal placed on the
Unwanted eye of the messiah
Cause the blood of truth
To soak the sand
And raise the 4th seal
To rise and take root
In the garden of snakes

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