Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Surah 3:26
Say, “O , Allah, Owner of Sovereignty,
You will and You take souvereignty
away from whom You will and You
humble whom you will. In Your
hand is [all] good. Indeed, YOU
are over all things competent.

Surah 3:27

You cause the night to enter the day,
and You cause the day to enter the
night; and You bring the living out of
the dead, and you You bring the dead out out of the living.
And You give provisions to whom You will
account [i.e., limit or measure]."

We need to realize that or world has slipped out of our hands and right now we are being digested in the belly of the beast. The only course of action is to cut. There so many of us lost i.e. mentally dead. They need to be led to the light. As long as the majority poison their mind and soul, they we will be forever on the outskirts of Eden.

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