Monday, September 11, 2006


My soul is a constant
Flame of blacken retribution
I chose the dark side
That is were madness
& Sensibility makes sense
I love the screams of innocence
Being cast into a lake of brimstone
In the dark I see the evil that envelops the world
Seduces the weak and devour the children

9/11 I hate to say it will become another Easter. Every April we are bombarded with Charlton Heston playing a piss poor Moses. 9/11 will do the same.... Propaganda will reign supreme. Clinton messed up and so did the previous administrations that went back to the CIA's removal of Dr. Mohammad Mossadeghup. I had warm fuzzes when I thought of Disney now I am wondering if they are hiding the antichrist. I feel betrayed knowing Disney. I stare with disgust as they latch on the same tit as Bush1, Bush2, Dick, Clinton, Rumsfield and Condi. Remember when you vote Santa is dead. And remember the alternative to vote is revolt.

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