Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I am tired of the media talking about Bush and his support of torture tactics. I am not his biggest supporter also I do not condone what took place Abu Ghraib or at US naval base in Guantanamo Bay. If they have Bini's top five bring out the golden area of the CIA.
The media is taking our attention off the important issues. War was never nice and the concept of rules of war is a nice pipe dream but it is time to wake up. America is being made soft and the masses common sense along with it. I guess when people find themselves at the end of George Allen's noose our attitudes may change.

"Most education schools are engaged in a pursuit of irrelevance. They have not kept pace with the changing demographics, technology, and global competition and pressures to raise student achievement."
Stephanie Banchero
The true problem is in our face education of the young is not happening. They are bombarded with fear and chaos. They are being led to a slaughter of biblical proportion. While a select few feast on their marrow.

I am the fallen son
Cast out of heavens loving
Hell bent on a life
In eternal blackness
Constantly rain on by
The feces of the Father
The darkness is my mother's
Bosom which I seek refuge
The darkness
Is were I stage my attack

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