Sunday, May 27, 2007

God's Neurons

I transverse with Gods along the desalinate plain of complacency. Over time I have seen black folk abuse each other out ignorance and defend these actions by claiming the behavior is normal. In the image Gen 9:6 justifies the law of selection, my palms bleed.. Creating a river of fire and brimstone for I pierced the side of the martyr and drank my birthright. We are pieces on a terrestrial chess board eternally in check. Satori has reinvest my very fiber and as others move so do I. Never is it it normal when those strike out without reason and when one victimize their twin have heard people defend these actions by referring to them as being the norm. In my eyes nothing is normal when a person victimize someone of their tribe or any person for that matter. Crawl through Ron Brown's labyrinth to your freedom.

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