Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Real Problem

Jessee and AL need to shut their trap along with Oprah about hip hop and the black community. Yeah I agree that hip hop is testosterone driven but what form of music does not. Have we forgotten the jacked era of the hair bands. I recommend that you rent the documentary "Decline of the Western Civilization".
I substitute teach because it gives me an idea of were I want to teach. Along my journey I have found that the problem is not with hip hop but with the parents.
I am tired of people placing the blame on everything but themselves, the church and school can only do so much. In my brief time of being a sub I have seen and read read kids report cards to figure that the parents are not active. I have seen kindergartners with a cell phone and little girls (5-7) dressed in booty shorts and halter tops. When I ask a kid from k-8 what they want to be and all they can say is some form of athlete then there is a problem. Instead of bashing hip hop lets find the parents. A kid will rebel but if they have some parental contact they may not be in a grave site desecrating graves.
No one seems to care when black kids are dying at an alarming but when some well to do kid goes on a killing spree it becomes a national epidemic. The same is true with anything that primarily affects the poor, for example crack and aids. If it is killing the less disables then everyone is alright. The moment it crosses the economic line then everyone is up in arms.
Before the next person jumps on hip hop and claim that it is ruining our youth check out the movies and video games but most important check the parents....

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