Friday, June 22, 2007

Black Wealth

Lately I have been bombarded by the idea of "black empowerment". I have heard the success of China town and various other communities that are dominated by a distinct race or ethnic group. What I do not hear is the fact that they have ties with people in their home land. What makes blacks that are descendants of the "black Holocaust" is that we do not have strong connections with other people of African decent. Unfortunately how can a group stand on a faulty foundation.
The other day I ran across a cartoon were the main character refuse to leave jail because he was getting three "square meals and a place of rest" this toon came out in 63. Anyway he destroyed the jail and his punishment was to build a new one. It ended with the prisoner happily sawing on some material for his new home. Someone must of had a crystal ball, years later black folk seem to be happy building new prisons.
If there is to be any black empowerment the bridge needs to be laid for all African descendants to cross....

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