Monday, March 10, 2008

Next President

The person that gets the "House" regardless the party need to invest in our kids regardless of economic, racial, gender or whatever category you want label them. I am tired of going to schools and seeing chaos. I am tired of the tired speeches given by politicians that claim they care. The other day I notice a Amber alert flashing across the billboard and to my surprise no one on the news seem to care. A 19 year old sexually assaulted a girl on a school bus. What sort of madness is this.
Today in class I had to break up a fight and question why a child was singing a song about sucking on a girls toes... These kids are in the eighth grade...
If America wants to be great then lets help Kenya were Sexual Offenses Act two years ago, the 2007 police crime statistics show 165 children were defiled every month, which translates to six minors daily. A total of 1,984 children had their lives shattered by rapists.(
Lets go to Memphis and shut it down. Lets hold everyone in the government responsible for Camden High (N.J.) juniors having a high failure rate in the state of New Jersey on the high school science test, a shocking 87.7 percent.
Effective crime prevention starts with early education. If a child cannot percieve a better life then they will fall into the system. America's downfall will not come from some bogyman with a turban. It will come from with in and unless we stand up and demand humanity from the three branches of the government.

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