Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bloofan's Comments

I just received a comment from a Ms. Bloofan in regards to my post on why I am not for MLK Day.
"If you don't like the ignorance in society, don't complain about it, spread knowledge--not lame opinions." is what she had to say about my post... I thought that most of my post have been about the 120 120 120....
Anyway I am tired & amused by people outside of my racial spectrum telling me how I should feel about a holiday that has been loosely associated with the advancement of my FOLK... Loosely because the holiday is a justification to prove racism no longer exist. I hope Ms. Bloofan stays in achieves her dream of becoming a high school teacher and I do hope that she chose a "urban" school for enlightenment.
I hope Ms. Bloofan read the rest of my blog and walked away with something besides lame comments...


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