Friday, June 26, 2009

Curious Case of Michael Jackson

Before I go any further I have to say that the Governor Mark Sanford needs to be flogged... Stoned to near death and water board administered. Not for his sexual indiscretions because he is human, his crime is J.V. Martin Junior High. You remember Ty’sheoma Bethea, the child that wrote about the horrid conditions of the school.. While this child was in a school two steps below most non industrialized nations Mark was going to Argentina for a tryst on tax payers' dollars while schools that could use money rot.. That is child neglect and for that Mark Sanford you deserve some sort physical discomfort.

Michael Jackson is no longer with us and I feel wierd because he is one of those people that is immortal. I am tired of hearing about Mike's legal problems. Use to be that if you were aquited that was it... He was found not guilty by a group of less pigmented people.. It is not like he married his adoptive daughter or drove some unfortunate soul down Chappaquiddick alley. Mike was a character but if you look at the great musicians of the past they all were of kilter... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's behavior is described as being erratic.. Mike had his faults like any other HUMAN and we must remember that..

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