Saturday, January 02, 2010

new years eve resolution

I have nothing new to add to my list of improvements. I am still trying to resurrect the dead or save the dying... Many sistahs & brothers are in the dark and not aware of it.
2010 is another year and battle that has no end in sight.

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thenewunitedrepublic said...

Dear Brother Seti:

The freedom to believe carries with it the freedom to disbelieve, this is the dualism of American Freedom. We are African Americans who are seeking the favor, support , and recognition of the American people and government to resettle in West Africa, in our own nation called"The New United Republic" (NUR). We reject the teachings of Islam (Muslims) because the teachings have nothing to do with the Qur'an, we reject the teachings of the Christians, we reject the teachings of the Black Hebrew Israelites and Black Jews. We are followers of the Religion of our Black ancestor Abraham called Millata Ibrahima Haniifaa, the religion of the Prophet Nuh (Noah). We believe that Allah ordered the Israelites, the Ishmaelites, and the Black Arabs to follow the Law of the Torah and the Qur'an; without scarificial laws, ceremonial laws, Sabbath's, New Moons, Eid's, Stars and Crescents, the Kaaba, the Wailing Wall, the old Rugged Cross, and the attending symbolism. We believe that it is gross paganism to refer to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth as God, Lord, Yahweh, Yah, Yahuwa, El, Eli, or Jehovah all of which can be traced back to Canaanite religion (Polytheism). We believe that the Hebrews were Canaanities (white people), and their language was Hebrew. We believe that the names revealed to Musa (Moses the Prophet with the Egyptian name) in the Torah is Alaha and Elah, in the ancient Aramaic language, which is the language of so-called Jesus. We believe that the language of Black Abraham was Aramaic, his two sons spoke Aramaic, in addition to Jacob and the Twelve Tribes. We believe that Muhammad spoke Arabiyyah, a combination of Aramaic, Old Ethiopian, Arabic,Persian, Sanskirt and Old Egyptian languages. We in the New United Republic consider ourselves to be descendants of Black Abraham through is two sons, we are Black Aramaean Egyptian Israelites. We are descendants of the people cursed by Moses in the Torah, by David, by Jesus, and by Muhammad for not following and establishing the Torah as our Government. Please help us get what was really taken from us, Our Land in West Africa. President Abraham Lincoln wanted as a part of his free the enslaved program, repatriation of African Americans. Please help us revive the repatriation program for African Americans willing to resettle in West Africa. The time is now! The current President of Senegal has stated that any of the ancestors of the people taken into enslavement in the Americas have a, "Right to Return" to West Africa on their own land. The time is right!
Conact us at, take our Opinion Poll read our appeals, to Black Muslims, Black Christians, Black Hebrew Israelites, and the Black Public. Remember that the good people of Ohio, developed the Ohio Plan for Repatriation of African Americans in the 1800's, help us ressurrect the Ohio Plan for the resettement of African Americans in their ancestral homeland. The Free American States accepted the Ohio Plan back then, while the Enslavement States (Southern States) refused to allow African Americans the right to repatriate back to West Africa. In 1930 three million African Americans signed up to leave the United States by repatriating to West Africa, the US Congress ignored the petition of the Peace Movement for repatriation. Please do not let this happen again, help us American people. You are right about the African-Egyptian origin of Judaism and Christianity, Islam is pure reworked Hinduism, Old Mishnah practices, and Jinn worship. We also believe that many of the pagan teachings, and practices came out of Egyptian religion and Babylonian religion. It's time to go Home!

A New Day Dawns, remember the Three R's, "Religion, Repatriation, Restitution".

Respectfully Submitted