Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Adventures In Substitute Teaching

I am for the state taking custody of those so called problem child. Today I walked into another class from the twilight zone I thought that the class was going to be easy because their were only 5 students.. I was wrong!! First I knew a storm was brewing when the only girl had on a shirt two sizes to small and stiletto thigh high boots-oh did I mention this was a 8th grade class. The class was rowdy, I had one kid walk out and when I made an attempt to talk to talk to him he basically walked down to the office and complain that I was disrespecting after he told me that he does not have to listen to me and walk out of the class.
Oh did I mention that I had an aid that had no experience with inner city children, every time a child acts out she wants to reason with them.
Anyway the girl refuse to do her homework and I sent her out but like a boomerang they sent her back after she was blatantly disrespectful shy of telling me to fuck myself (which came later in the day) The next child was very bright just stuck on stupid. He almost made the Spanish teacher leave along with the other kids. He was sent out then I had two boys almost get into it but I talked to them and they came back straight but that stripper in training just refuse to shut up or read. Eventually she started to call me all sorts of "mfs" and any other words. She also threaten to hit me with a Gatorade bottle. She was gone for the rest of the day
I am assign to this class for the next two days.
I am for the state taking custody of children like this and putting them up in gender separated boarding school that put an emphasis on civility. It may sound cruel but this could cut the cost of tax dollars going towards prison or some sort of welfare system. I am not talking about one race but any kid that has a sorry parent that expects the teacher to raise their kid/s. Look for me on CNN cause if one of those knuckle heads put their hands on me well lets just leave it at that.....

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