Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Is It Democrats Have The Black Vote

I have ponder this question time and time again. Not only has the Republicans came up short but the democrats did not win the popular vote. There is a sickness in the inner city which stems back to Regan era when crack, aids and the mental hospital discharge countless people without any support. This filter into the black communities and when you fuse this with the declining job opportunities of the eighties you have a recipe for destruction.
I am tired of these so call debates between the democratic candidates.... yeah I get it you guys are for the poor and you're going to tax the hell out of your rich friends. The truth is that a disproportionate amount of the Black youth are mentally dead. I have asked over a hundred students from grades 7 to 12 about Brown vs the Board of Education and only 3 were able to give somewhat a general explanation of the decisions importance. My point is that Blacks need to stop being a slave - stop depending on some outside force to take care of your needs as if your in some perverted necromancy. Sharpton and Jesse should be tied to the tree of woe.
Were are the so call black leaders when it comes to bettering the community. Playing it safe such as Obama by saying "It is absolutely critical for us to recognize that there are going to be responsibilities on the part of African American and other groups to take personal responsibility to rise up out of the problems we face,"
How are you going to do your part.... I did not here we as African Americans.....
Along with those that choose the mantel your cipher is dead knowledge of self is not there.
There needs to be less marching and more blood to cleanse the urban community.

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