Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ramblings Of A Monk

First I must say goodbye Fidel it has been fun.

A few things crept up since my last post and although I wanted a McCain sex tape to surface after his alleged affair was made public.
JFK secret documents revealed and conspiracies are flying and Obama does not put his hand over his heart when the during the National Anthem and something about him refusing to were a American lapel(C'est la vie).

People wonder why this country is crazy well just at the beacon of truth on top of the United States Capitol Building and you will notice Persephone the goddess of the underworld laughing.

The proverbial icing on the cake is for those ignorant racist that hate black folk soooooo much.
Thanks to DNA once again points to people originating from Africa and when I say we I mean in the Adam and Eve since.

With that in mind National Geographics has let me down with their cover story he Nubians who ruled Egypt. I would accept it if they just said darker skin African conquered lighter skin Africans but it did not happen. They are African and if I hear another person wondering if Queen Tiye is black just look at her grandson King Tut... If your still in denial about light and dark skin blacks running Kemet then go to a rally with David Duke.

Election time who will I vote for? Well I am not rooting for Ron Brown's killer
& my ballot is not for Hussein or GI Joe. I am far from putting another religious nut in the White House. With that said I am still combing through the independents.

Watch Sickoand you will stop being a loyalist to a specific team. This game we call life is serious and when it is all said and done there is no review of the play. Universal Health Care would be nice but I seriously doubt it can happen here in the states just because folks scare easily. Why do you thin this recession scare is working. When mass suicides happen on Wall Street then we know that we're screwed. Economic casualties will always happen no matter who is on the "hill" the key is to limit the casualties.
This house thing going on well if your loan is not fixed then I am sorry but you got hustled. Adjustable meaning capable of being changed so as to match or fit ie add that to a loan and your screwed....

The boogie man is no different than what you see in the mirror everyday. Our biggest threat is ourselves. No matter how much you want to blame someone the ball ultimately falls in your court. I know there are exceptions but they are few and far between. Before you point the finger reevaluate what your doing, write it down. You will notice that the only thing stopping you is fear. Fear is no different than death.

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