Friday, August 28, 2009


Life has been odd lately and the ride has only changed it's technicolor stripes.

After two dozen (24) Emmys, the beloved show that has been on the air for 26 years is no more.
I am bummed because I like shows that push education and I firmly believe that instead of euthanizing a program because it "does not fit" into the popular pedagogic fade. PBS should revamp it and slide in phonics and other devices that could help children understand the basics of language.
If anyone touches Sesame Street, I will personally throw the first molotov cocktail.


Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, will face 29 felony counts after being accused of kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard when she was 11 and keeping her in their backyard since 1991.
In 1977, Garrido was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for kidnapping and from five years to life on a state charge of sexual assault after the case was heard in Washoe County District Court, said Suzanne Pardee, spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections.
Garrido started his federal prison sentence on June 30, 1977 for transporting a victim over the state line and was turned over to Nevada authorities on Jan. 22, 1988to serve state time, he was paroled in 1988...
I am a firm believer in tagging these guys like National Geographic.. Lets put a biochip in their body and set so that law officials can stop by without a warrant.
His wife should feel the sting of cane.. If any of those children they kidnapped were mine, I would bail them out and pull a Jimmy Hoffa.
Let those bleeding hearts cry foul... My mantra is "touch my kids I kill you"


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